Isn’t it funny?

Direct sales women will only be able to understand this but it has to be said. When you are out trying to sell your goods…


Direct sales women will only be able to understand this but it has to be said.

When you are out trying to sell your goods which are the absolute best in the world, right? The reaction is not at all what you anticipated it to be. You hear, well isn’t that awful expensive–oh wow, maybe tell me when you have a sale–I can get it cheaper at the mall, among other various other excuses. Yes, I just called them excuses, because here is the reality– You pay money for what you want and what you want to do. If sports are your thing you will pay premium prices for good seats, if shoes are your thing you will buy those red bottoms without batting an eyelash, handbags your thing, yep you will buy the most expensive bags without any shoppers remorse. Do you get the idea yet?


Direct sales make dreams come true, helps women stay at home with their kids, helps her pay for college to further her education, help her family pay the bills, helps put food on her table, helps to put a down payment on her new car, helps to pay for family vacation, helps her give back to her community, makes all of her dreams come true.


The next time a direct sales stylist, or consultant presents her goods to you please take a second look and think really hard before you automatically turn her down saying you can get it cheaper at the mall, or it really isn’t your thing, let me know when you are having a sale.

Here is the thing about sales– most of the time unless sponsored by corporate office sales take money away from the stylists or consultant, think about that how would you like someone to beg you to give your paycheck away just so they could get a better deal? It really got me thinking even going to consignment shops, estate sales, flea markets– trying to get the seller to come down on a price is taking money out of their pocket and that isn’t something that I want to do.

The truth is many women choose direct sales to make an income it isn’t a hobby it isn’t something that we just do to be doing, we are trying to make a living, and thus when potential customers react in a negative way it can really discourage us from even trying to make our business a success!

Yes you can definitely go to the mall but who really gets that money, whose dreams come true?


If you would just give her a chance to explain her products to you, there is something in every price range for every woman Please just take a look!

Now with all of that being said I am lucky, in my company I don’t just sell gadgets, gizmos, trinkets, handbags, makeup…. (the list could go on) I sell CONFIDENCE yep you heard that right with our 3 part line we deliver confidence to every woman. Are you maybe struggling with confidence right now? Maybe you are not feeling comfortable in your skin, I can help you!  With our amazing cami’s briefs, and other shape wear we can get your confidence back– then with our on trend fashion pieces you will look like you stepped off the runway at fashion week, and now I can even offer you a private swim fitting!!! Who else does that? No one, there is not a single other direct sales company out there that offers foundation pieces, fashion, and SWIM wear oh my goodness this is huge!!!!


I support women who support women do you? when was the last time you helped make a woman’s dream come true?


Are you interested in looking at Ruby Ribbon and are not local to me, no problem I can get you hooked up with a stylist who is local to you! Please just contact me by commenting below or e-mail me at See at Ruby Ribbon we are a big family(big sisterhood) who wants to help each other, there is no competition, no trying to be bigger or better than other stylists we share– we help– we encourage– we build up– Our dreams come true everyday with Ruby Ribbon!



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