The future of retail may seem grim

So across the nation major department stores are announcing they are closing their doors, malls are closing and becoming empty warehouses. Why are malls becoming less and less attractive, why are more and more major dept. stores closing their doors? To answer this question it would take several different components.

One main reason is the booming online retail market. Women lead busy lives and do not have the time or do not want to take the time to go to a traditional mall and shop all day. It is easier to log on to their computer, tablet or phone and place orders which often times ship in one to two days! Many malls are closing to opening new outlet centers or shopping strip malls, this alleviates the stress of parking at a large mall and walking through the entire mall just to go into a small store. At an outlet mall or strip mall you can quickly park in front of the desired shop and just walk into that store and back to your other daily to dos.

I have read several articles about this subject on one hand it makes me sad to think that my old past-time of going to the mall with friends for a day of shopping , eating and seeing a new movie is a thing of the past. On the other hand it makes me excited to see the opportunity for my Ruby Ribbon business!

I offer a unique in home shopping experience for those who like to shop with their girlfriends can invite them over and host a VIP shopping experience via a trunk show. My business also offers those e-commerce crowd a chance to shop online via my website you can find here

My Ruby Ribbon business is awesome because I can work when and how I want to. With each release of a new line/season I choose to give back to my community through a  Ruby Ribbon fashion with a purpose show! These are so much fun and a way for everyone to give back to their community!

I love the personal relationships I can build with my clients through personal fitting and styling appointments these kinds of relationships do not happen in a traditional retail environment, not even in the highest end boutiques!

I love even more that through my Ruby Ribbon business I can empower other women to start their own Ruby Ribbon business as well!

So even if the traditional retail future looks grim a future with Ruby Ribbon looks brighter and brighter!

Thinking you may want a piece of the 18 billion shapewear pie, or want your own fashion business that will continue to grow and grow? Contact me today by commenting below for more details or you can go here and of course you can always e-mail me at




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