Is your closet your friend or foe?

so you may be thinking what does she mean by friend or foe? Well read on and see 🙂 When you walk to your closet…


so you may be thinking what does she mean by friend or foe?

Well read on and see 🙂

When you walk to your closet does  it elicit the feelings of happiness, confidence, comfort, or does it do the opposite and you feel frustration, not confident, and uncomfortable

No one should have more than 4 sizes in your closet– do you have sizes from high school and you graduated 30 years ago and 5 kids 2 grand-kids later thinking you will get back into those pants. Number one they probably are in style you are right there because everything that goes out of style comes back eventually. But as you look at those beloved pants you may even grab them to put on but you say “yep I still cant get into them” this is a negative feeling it doesn’t help with building body confidence! So emotionally attached to it, I completely understand I have several tops, skirts, pants that I am emotionally attached to. You need to remove these items from your closet TODAY place them in a protective bag and tote and place them in storage. Believe me when I tell you this will change your closet experience for the better!!!!

A closet should only hold your current size plus/minus 2 sizes so no more than 4 sizes should be in your closet.  You may be reading this and saying but what if I loose a lot of weight or gain a lot of weight? Well if that happens then go back to your closet and reconfigure but for the present time you should just have your current size plus or minus 2 so for example I am a size 10 I can have size 8, 10, 12 in my closet I should have nothing smaller and nothing larger.

So grab you a rubbermaid tote and enter your closet– are you ready many wont want to do this next step.

So you purchased a beautiful top at Macy’s three years ago and you only wore it one time or maybe there are still tags (oh no this is a big no no, closet foe)

If you have not worn the article of clothing this past season you put it in the purge pile, if you wore the piece it goes in the stay pile if there are pieces with the tags still on you put in the new pile, if you wore the piece but it is worn out maybe or you just don’t like it you will place it in the trash pile.

Purge pile– this can be donated only clothes that are not the size requirements for your closet or clothes that you haven’t worn but are still in good condition goes into this pile

keep pile– this pile are the clothes that you love and wear still in good condition you want to keep for next season

new pile– this pile still has tags on you must make a decision if you haven’t worn this season chances are you wont next season either however you can decide to keep another season if you wish otherwise you will place in the purge pile

trash pile– these pieces are worn out not good enough for consignment so they will go to the trash (yes this is very hard for those emotionally attached but it will feel good once you do it, I promise)

Emotional pile– these pieces mean something to you perhaps it is your first designer piece, or someone special bought it for you, or you wore it on your first date whatever the case may be you cannot bring yourself to give away or trash! I will never ask you to do that, you need to get a protective tote and fold it up and place it in storage

Next we are going to talk about seasonal clothes, to have a closet friend you need to only have seasonal clothes inside, so spring/summer and fall/winter I change out my closets 2 times per year!

go through your clothes anything you can wear in spring and summer you will keep together, remember to go through your pile process first once you have all of your keeps now go through and separate by seasons!

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