I am giving away $100.00

Will you be one?

For one week only I have been given “buddy” powers from Ruby Ribbon headquarters that I get to gift you 100.00 off your starter kit you can be in business for less than 200.00 WOW what a gift!!!!

So you are thinking can I do this? Of course you can! The beauty of this business is you work it your way 

Want to do a virtual business you can 

Want to do a trunk show business you can 

Want to do one on one business you can 

Want to incorporate Ruby Ribbon with your consignment shop or boutique you can 

Want to incorporate Ruby Ribbon with your salon you can 

Want to work part time full time or your time (casual) you can, you set your own hours you set the amount of your paycheck too 

Social time– you are going to make the Best of friends for life through Ruby Ribbon community 

You create your own plan and goals–Ruby Ribbon works for you💖

You can earn just enough to pay for manicures, pedicures, shopping trips or what if you could pay for vacations, bills/debt free with Ruby a ribbon anything is possible 

Schedule your opportunity session with me today 

I say what do you have to loose try Ruby a ribbon for 6 months and if it isn’t for you, you have your own Ruby a ribbon wardrobe/shapewear you cann keep!!! 20-40% commission/personal discount on what you sell/buy 



Danielle C

HUGE after Christmas SALE 

Did you open all of your presents and didn’t receive Ruby Ribbon? It isn’t too late with our AMAZING few and FINAL  $25 $35 SALE💳💸👜

All the details will be available tomorrow complete with my style boards 

Go to my e-commerce website and shop the SALE early 

I have

🛍 skirts

🛍 dress

🛍 leggings

🛍 pants

🛍 tops 


And more be sure to head over to my website tomorrow or drop back by here for more SALE information