Happy Birthday Park Lane

History… how did Park Lane start? Park Lane Jewelry was founded in 1955 by Arthur and Shirley LeVin in Chicago Shirley had a dream and…


History… how did Park Lane start?

Park Lane Jewelry was founded in 1955 by Arthur and Shirley LeVin in Chicago

Shirley had a dream and a vision, in the kitchen of her 4 bedroom apartment Park Lane was born. At first Park Lane would bring the Levin family family financial independence, then it grew into what it is today helping so many along the way also have financial independence.

since 1955 Park Lane Jewemry has allowed millions to reach and attain their personal dreams to build a life without limits, to change the trajectory of their family!!!

Park Lane is set up for nothing but success

A world-renowed multi-country, international, household name brand, a debt free, cash rich company, family owned and operated!

Park Lane is changing lives one piece of jewelry at a time!

The Programs

Park Lane has the programs that leads to success

  • Hostess plan is by far the best in the direct sales space that I have ever seen or had the priveleage to be a part of
  • Customer buying plan is absolutely the best in thr industry. We have a saying “if it is too good to be true, it’s Park lane!!!”
  • The compensation plan- I mean 30-40% commissions, opportunity to earn free jewelry every month, the ability to be your own customer(discount), Mercedes car program, 2 vacations per year
  • Thr culture is one of the best I have ever seen in direct sales, we cheer each other on for our wins no matter how small or big , so much support!!!
Birthday celebration- Gorgeous jewelry signature bracelet and statement stud earrings

Customers Love Park Lane

customers can stack ip thr savings when they buy 2 items at regular price(least expensive) they get to add up to 4 items at half off(most expensive) snd then there is the customer bonus or zingers as we like to call them! When your cart reaches a certain total(typically 90 but this week it is 67) you choose any item valued at up to 200 and you pay 30 and because it is Park Lanes Birthday we also get a free item valued at up to 100!!!

Now is the perfect time to stock up for fall

our new collection is straight fire…. I mean so gorgeous, designer inspired, affordable pieces to add to your jewelry box.

And remember Christmas is just 4 months away jewelry makes an awesome gift(stocking stuffer)

birthday Special

Infographic showcasing the birthday celebration deals and gifts

buy 2 regular price items

get 4 50% off

choose an item valued at up to 200 you pay 30

choose an item valued at up to 100 and you get it for free

check out this smart cart video

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