The perfect earrings for your face

Okay so this is actually a thing, I never really knew this but maybe we have all been wearing the wrong earrings this whole time.

Don’t worry, I am here to help you!!!

Do you know what shape your face is? Is it heart shaped, square shaped, round shaped, or oval shaped?

Heart face shape has a forehead that is wider than the cheekbones and then the face narrows toward the chin

Square face shape has strong bone structures with sharp angles that give a square look

Round face shape is as wide as it is long giving it a round or circle appearance

Oval shape face has a forehead and cheeks that are very similar in width and then the face slightly tapers to the chin

examples of celebrities that have these faces are

heart shaped faces in Hollywood

Are you a heart shape?

Square faces in Hollywood

Are you a square shape?

Round faces in Hollywood

Are you a round shape?

Oval shaped faces in Hollywood

Are you a oval shape?

So now that we know what our face shape is, what earrings should we be wearing?


Heart shape- any earring that is wider at the bottom and thin at the top think teardrops and dangles


Square shapes- earrings with rounded edges and curves, hoops are always a great idea, and teardrops


Round shape- long earrings your goal is going to be to elongate your face have fun with earrings that have geometric shapes and are angular


Oval shapes- Lucky girl any earring you pick out will look great, whether it be stud earrings, hoop earrings, dangle earrings or statement earrings

Have fun shopping for your next pair of earrings now that you know what your face shape is… when it comes right down to it, if you like it you like it and you need to wear it don’t worry about the shape of your face!!! 🙂

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