Blooming flowers- spring Color personality

Spring is a time of renewal, birth, growth, coming back to life after a long cold winter! The sun is a little brighter and the…


Spring is a time of renewal, birth, growth, coming back to life after a long cold winter! The sun is a little brighter and the warmth is felt more! The flowers all begin their bloom! The grass becomes green and the skies are oh so blue! Blooming flowers, spring color personality is a bright and fun color palette, read on to see if this is your personality!

Blooming flowers Spring color Personality

A Spring will have golden undertones to her skin. She is the most delicate of all seasonal types! Freckles are natural for a spring, her skin is ivory with golden flecks. Peach skin with pink cheeks are common. This season type is most likely to blush often and easily.


A spring is naturally blonde! The blonde can range from yellow to golden honey and strawberry to golden light brown.


A springs eye color will typically be blue to blue green, teal,aqua, often with gold highlights

When a spring has brown eyes her eyes are a bright topaz not deep brown.

When a spring has hazel eyes they will be golden brown green to gold.

colors spring should avoid

  • Black (only to be worn as pants)
  • pure white
  • any color with a blur undertone
  • dark colors
  • muted colors
  • Black should be minimal and worn in a print or as an accent

Colors spring should have in her closet

  • Ivory
  • buff
  • warm beige
  • camel
  • golden honey
  • golden brown
  • light warm grey
  • light clear navy
  • light clear gold
  • bright gden yellow
  • clear warm pink
  • clear bright red
  • orange red
  • medium violet
  • dark periwinkle blue
  • light true blue
Spring color palette part 1- blooming flowers color palette!
  • pastel yellow green
  • medium yellow green
  • bright yellow green
  • apricot
  • light orange
  • peach
  • clear salmon
  • bright coral
  • coral pink
  • light warm aqua
  • clear bright aqua
  • emerald turquoise
Spring color palette part 2

The wrong color versus the right color

Wearing the Wrong Color

The wrong color will make your complexion dull, pale, it will maximize your fine lines and wrinkles, enhance dark circles under your eyes, wearing the wrong color will age your face

Wearing the Right Color

The right color will smooth your complexion minimize fine lines and wrinkles, lighten any shadows, minimize or hides dark circles and your face will light up and look young and vibrant!

Famous Springs

Julie Andrew’s

Marilyn Monroe


Springs look best in gold

Color personality

The blooming flower color personality of spring not you? See color theory post to find out what your season is!

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