Fall Harvest color personality

Fall is the reprive from all the heat and excitement of summer! The leaves begin to turn golden red and then begin to fall alongside…


Fall is the reprive from all the heat and excitement of summer! The leaves begin to turn golden red and then begin to fall alongside the temperatures. The chilly weather gets us all in the mood for cozy season, sweater weather. The fall harvest autumn color personality is a golden color palette.

seasonal color palette

Autumn Personality

Fall actually has 3 skin varieties all of which have a golden undertone.

  • Fair- peach skin
  • Fair-dark skin with freckles
  • Medium- deep copper

Autumn’s tend to be very pale and similar to spring but usually has colorless cheeks. Gold is the keyword for this season!


Often has red/golden or auburn to copper. She can have strawberry blonde to carrot golden red hair. Dark golden blonde to warm brown.


Autumn’s eyes are golden brown, dark topaz, green with gold steaks.

Often autumn’s eyes are deep olive green.

If eyes are hazel, golden brown, green with lots of gold highlights!

Colors Autumn’s should avoid

  • Black
  • Pink
  • navy
  • gray
  • blue red
  • any color with a blue undertone
  • peach
  • periwinkle
  • lime green
  • stay away far away from pale colors

Wardrobe Staples for Autumn’s

  • oyster white
  • warm beige
  • Coffee brown
  • dark chocolate brown
  • mahogany
  • camel
  • gold
  • medium warm beige
  • yellow gold
  • mustard
  • pumpkin
  • terra cotta
  • rust
  • deep peach apricot
  • salmon
  • orange
  • orange red
  • bittersweet red
  • dark tomato red
  • lime green
  • chartreuse
  • bright yellow green
  • moss green
  • grayed green
  • olive green
  • jade green
  • Forrest green
  • turquoise
  • teal blue
  • deep periwinkle
fall harvest autumn color personality palette part 2

The wrong color versus the right color

Wearing The Wrong color

The wrong color will make your complexion dull, pale, it will maximize your fine lines and wrinkles, enhance dark circles under your eyes, wearing the wrong color will age your face.

Wearing The Right color

The right color will smooth your complexion minimize fine lines and wrinkles, lighten any shadows, minimize or hides dark circles and your face will light up and look young and vibrant!

Famous Autumn’s

  • Carol Burnette
  • Lucille Ball
  • Katherine Hepburn


Autumns are going to look best in gold jewelry

not fall? need to see other colors

Read about color theory here to see other colors

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