So many times I wonder if I were not involved as a stylist how would I feel if my friend asked me to join her…


So many times I wonder if I were not involved as a stylist how would I feel if my friend asked me to join her team or to host a party.

I thought if had not been involved in direct sales for the past 7 years I would maybe as her why?

Q: Why would I host a show, whats in it for me?

A: now more than ever women are craving connection virtual connection is all we can do but that will work… a virtual style session will provide you and your friends
1. Connection time… much needed girl time
2. You as the hostess will get FREE Jewelry and your guests can get free jewelry with our amazing zingers right now

Q: Why would I want to join your team?
A: right now the kit is $99.00 you get $750.00 in jewelry of your choice in a turn key business… website customers can shop from
1. No minimums or quotas to meet
2. Weekly paychecks
3. 30-50% commission
4. Debt free cash rich family owned company in business for 64 years
5. 2 amazing all expense paid vacations to earn every year
6. Opportunity to earn a Mercedes
7. Opportunity to make lifelong friends
8. Free training and support
9. Joining the most amazing team #treasuretribe
10. We have an awesome ince time right now… a model call to be in our next look book
And so many more

Q: Why would I buy park lane when I can buy at Macys, Target, Kohls, walmart…?
A: although the jewlery may be cute and affordable does the jewelry you buy from the mall come with an unconditional guarantee for lifetime? If you loose a set or earring can you go back to that store for a replacement? Ummmm I don’t think so, Park Lane does have a lifetime guarantee… so if it tarnishes, breaks Park Lane will make it right

Now I have a question for you as a stylist in direct sales for 7 years I have heard just about every excuse in the book so not to support direct sales business

Did you know you don’t have to buy a thing to support me?

Seriously…do you know 5 ladies who would like Park Lane Jewelry?

Yes, I am sure you do…I am sure you know more than 5 but that is besides the point!

Could you get us connected by hosting a show?

You don’t want the shopping spree? Donate it make it a mystery hostess event, grab up some great gifts with your hostess benefits
It costs you nothing to host a show unless you want to purchase something

Hostessing is easy… invite your friends, comment and be involved, with virtual shows you don’t have to.clean your house, or fix treats or even get a babysitter

Other ways to support friends who are indirect sales

  1. Referrals… send friends family coworkers to her for their shopping needs
  2. Like posts on FB IG Twitter Snapshot TikTok
  3. Comment on her posts
  4. Share her posts
  5. Encourage her when you can as direct sales industry can be like riding a Rollercoaster constantly she could use more kind words than unkind
  6. Pray for her this business is not easy it is a lot of work yes it may be fun but it is not easy
  7. Don’t talk bad about direct sales if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything

The next time your friend asks you for a sale or to host or to help her reach a goal dont be so quick to say no way, at least take some time to think about it… that goal means more than a promotion, that next paycheck pays her bills or helps her dreams come true

The next time you go shopping in a big box store ask yourself is this something I can get from a small business or a direct seller because I am sure she will appreciate your sell and support way more than that department store.

Live big


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