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Wanted something so bad you could taste it, feel it, see it? This has happened a few times in my life but 2 particular times…


Wanted something so bad you could taste it, feel it, see it?

This has happened a few times in my life but 2 particular times stands out to me, and it all revolves around a bracelet.

Yeah you read that right! A bracelet… I wanted a bracelet(now 2) so bad I could see it on my wrist and just wouldn’t rest until it was on my wrist

Why you may be asking well it is really more than a bracelet it is achieving so much more… achieving a monumental goal I had set for myself working so hard that the bracelet was just the icing on the cake.

Well here is my story the story of the 2 bracelets!

In December of 2013 I joined Ruby Ribbon as the only stylist in the whole state of WV I had a lot of work ahead of me introducing women to a life changing cami and awesome leggings. I immediately saw the Prima promotion/ incentive that when a stylist became a leader they would earn a bracelet but not just any bracelet a Tiffany bracelet…. Insert the heart eye emoji. I mean to some Tiffany may not be a big deal but to me it was huge and so it was my very first goal in my new business adventure

I began working hard promoting my new business partnership with Ruby Ribbon I began recruting and less than 1 year after joining this amazing company I did it I earned leadership status and the youngest leader in the company at that!!! (a pretty big achievement if you ask me)

Shortly after learning that I had hit my leadership qualifications Ruby Ribbon reached out to me to invite me to Palo Alto to celebrate my achievements (this is where I would get that bracelet).

I took a few days off work and we headed west to Palo Alto my mom was able to travel with me and stay with Family while I stayed at the four seasons with my Ruby Ribbon sisters and had an absolute blast the entire weekend.

I could not wait till Saturday night when recognition time came, we got all dolled up for the event everyone in their finest attire and headed to the ballroom had a fantastic dinner and then came time for the awards. I scanned the room with anticipation I was so excited I could hardly stand it.

I saw a table with handbags, red boxes and blue bags… you know the Tiffany bags and I was ready!

I got lined up with the other new leaders and waited for my name to be called

I was handed a little red box and given a hug by our amazing founder and CEO Anna and then we all took a photo together with Anna

I headed back to my table, my leader came over and said oh let me see your bracelet, I was excited I put my wrist up she said oh that is really cute and sweet… I said let me see yours, she put her wrist up beside mine and I quickly saw a big difference. I said why are they different?

She said the 2 words that still haunt me to this day. “mine’s Tiffany!”

I then understood that my bracelet was in fact not a tiffany I had not made it

Then worse news came from our sales director when she came up to give me a hug to tell me how proud she was of me she said I was so close only 1 person away and just a few hours too late for the Tiffany but what an accomplishment!

I felt like a balloon that all the air got let out, I was devastated as I scanned the room of all the smiling faces and happy excited celebrations going on around me I was just let down and couldn’t celebrate 🙁 The overwhelming feeling that I just wasn’t enough I had not done enough, I felt like I couldn’t breathe I needed to get out of there…

Fast forward 6 years and here we are again working toward a bracelet and I feel like it is also slipping through my fingers… What can I do? Can I achieve it? I would think so I mean we have had this promotion for 2 weeks and it was sell $1,000 in 2 weeks that is $500 per week and with all the awesome promotions Park Lane has it would be really sad if I couldn’t hit this goal too!

There she is… the Scandalous bracelet the one that every Park Lane Stylist is working hard to achieve…

If you knew me you know that this bracelet is right down my alley, loving all that sparkle!!!

Selling $1,000 has not been hard for most, some find it hard work while others like me are looking at this as near impossible.

Park Lane also has for the same amount of sales $1,000.00 by this Wednesday a chance to get to be in our next look book! WOW what an amazing promotion and incentive to work toward for sure but really it is all about that bracelet to me!

I want to prove to myself that I am more than enough, that I can do hard things, that I can achieve this goal! It is more than a bracelet to me it is a redeeming chance to prove that I can in fact do this!

If you feel so inclined to help me acheive this goal, I am also purchasing from my jewelry boutique but I cannot buy $1,000.00 worth of jewelry nor should I have to!

you can go to this website and make your purchase

I appreciate you and your support more than you know!!!

Jewelry may not be your thing, and that’s okay… Confidence building shape wear may not be your thing and that is okay too I appreciate your support by sharing, encouraging, hosting, and of course shopping with me… I hope you know that!

Have you ever wanted something so bad you could…. ?

Hugs I hope you all have a GREAT day!!!


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