A Year in Pixels- Printable Planner worksheet


Download and print and start tracking your way to pay off your debt!!!!

You will have 32 days to download this file, once you download I highly suggest you save to your computer and an external flash drive so you wont loose the file!

The digital nature of this product there are no returns or exchanges and I am not able to send you another file if you run out of time(32 days)

If you have trouble downloading please let me know ASAP within 24 hours of purchase so I can assist you!


Have you ever thought… “There are just not enough hours in the day!” or “you have too much on your plate”?

Redefine your plans is here to help you get focused and organized on what is most important!
I have been a planner my entire life(Like even before planning became a thing!) I have always felt like planners should be as unique as you are and have the ability to customize to your individual needs!

Redefine your plans was born… Planning systems you can download and print to create your own unique planner!

Year in pixels allows you to track weather, mood, and more for 365 days
You will get a weather, a temperature, mood and sleep tracker in this listing

-This file is 8.5 X 11
Print at a reduced percentage to fit in your favorite planner, 82% fits classic happy planner

* These inserts are not affiliated or a part of Happy Planner but are created with the happy planner in mind the sizes will fit inside your happy planner!

When purchasing this listing you will receive high quality PDF files containing your planning system and inserts. You will need to download and save, please see directions below

-This listing is a digital download no actual products will be shipped to you

It is important to note that colors may vary depending on your computer screen settings and the printer you use

Instagram- @Redefineyourplans
Blog- http://www.redefineyourclosetwithdanielle.com

Thanks for visiting Redefine your plans I hope you love the planning systems, inserts, dashboards and stickers as much as I do! Stay awhile and shop around… Be sure to come back!!!


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