Happy Cinco De Mayo

So Sunday is Cinco De Mayo one of my favorite days of the year!!! (Any excuse to eat good Mexican food)😍

Thursday night is my turn to have my family up for dinner years ago when we started family dinners twice per week we would have up to 13 at every dinner

We are missing a couple, with us forever in our hearts we now have up to 11

Well last night was the 2nd of May but a great Cinco De Mayo celebration we had🌮🎉😍🎉

How are you celebrating? A taco bar, homemade, your favorite Mexican restaraunt, with family, with friends, or alone?

I hope you have a fantastic Cinco De Mayo


Chicken Crescent dinner

Well I dont know about you but I am drawn to comfort food, I love mashed potatoes gravy, rolls, chicken, mac n cheese, soup and pretty much anything that just makes you feel happy about😂🤗

For years well since we have lived on the family farm we all eat dinner as a family 2 days out of the week(not to mention sometimes we go out too). Yes I am very blessed to have such a close knit family, we really are very close.

Tuesdays are typically spent at my uncle and Aunts(my next door neighbor) and Thursdays are at my house.

This week we made a change do to work schedules, my mom had to work on Thursday but was off on Tuesday so there you go.

Do you like crescent rolls? Yes, yea me too… you will want to take note of this recipe then

Alright here it goes


  • Chicken breast
  • Crescent rolls
  • Cream cheese
  • Shredded cheddar cheese
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  1. Boil chicken (this can be done night prior) approx 30 minutes on medium to high heat… when chicken is cooked through and can be shred
  2. Shred chicken


Will you be trying this recipe let us know below