Ponte– What did you say?

Ponte pants are all the rage this fall 

Ruby Ribbon has added 2 styles of ponte pants and a ponte skirt to the already fabulous line!

You get the feeling of a legging while getting the look of a more structured dress pant.

Ponte pants should not be baggy, they should fit like a legging giving your body an elongated slimmer appearance all while dressing a little classier.

What to wear with Ponte?  Since the pant or skirt is structured and therefore a little on the heavier side you should wear something light and flowy to offset the structure of the pants/skirt.  Even those these pants look like traditional dress slacks instead of leggings we need to treat them as if they were leggings and wear a longer top with them.

Check out Ponte for your closet this fall!

Ponte is going to take you through the winter because they are heavier than traditional leggings but can still be worn as leggings!  The possibilities for these pants are endless!

Check out these awesome blogs about Ponte:


flare leg Ponte pants found at Ruby Ribbon

slim leg Ponte pants found at Ruby Ribbon

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