Fall 2014 Fashion Trends

It is now officially fall and so lets sit down and look at the top 20 fashion trends we will see this fall

  1. sweet sixties
  2. all over knits
  3. eccentric furs(super excited about this)
  4. xxl coats(excited about this too) longer coats than in the past
  5. gold
  6. night birds- dark colors with feathers
  7. sportswear
  8. fairy tales
  9. tailoring
  10. military khaki
  11. Duvet coats
  12. aspen chic
  13. second skin
  14. optical monochrome
  15. ponchos
  16. sixties prints
  17. capes
  18. velvet nights
  19. feline femininity 
  20. singing in the rain

this list was taken from Vogue 
you are going to see the following in fall with Ruby Ribbon

  1. sheer
  2. old Hollywood glam
  3. wraps
  4. chiffon
  5. knits
  6. sweaters
  7. ponte

 Fall colors according to Pantone

  1. Radiant orchid
  2. Royal blue
  3. Aluminum
  4. Aurora Red
  5. Misted Yellow
  6. Sangria(wine color)
  7. Cognac
  8. Bright cobalt
  9. Cypress

 Take these colors and use as accent colors with existing pieces!

    Happy Fall Fashion everyone

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