Fall is here and man is it gorgeous

I know I know I say this every time we release a new line but honestly our collections just keep getting better and better!!!

I just got back from RUNWAY, Ruby Ribbon’s National Conference, and what an awesome time we had!!! Friday we were the first to see the fall line live and were even able to try it on!  Saturday we had a day filled with valuable leadership and business training and Sunday we had a special announcement and said our goodbyes!

I am so pumped up and ready to share fall with you!!!

We were challenged to get 1 million women into our award winning cami’s by the end of September!  Will you take the challenge?

What do you have to do to participate?
1. accept the challenge
2. give me your bra size and shirt and dress size
3. wear the cami for 24 hours
4.give me your honest feedback
Ready to define your closet?
Lets do some wardrobe or personal styling consultations!
Check back daily for different fall outfit combos
Fashionably yours
Danielle Chapman
Independent Stylist, Leader

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