Can you say Bye Bye Bra?

Since I started with Ruby Ribbon, all I have heard is say bye bye to your bra!  Now as awesome as it sounds many of my clients do not feel comfortable removing their bra’s.  Ruby Ribbon is very capable of taking the place of your bra and it is much more comfortable! 


My recommendation if you do not wish to ditch your bra quite yet is to invest in a strapless bra wear with your cami for a while then transition to a backless bra, then transition to no bra!   

Try wearing the cami without your bra around your house, be sure to look in the mirror several times so you can see what you look like(FABULOUS)


Take a before and after photo of you with and without your bra and compare most of the time you cannot tell you don’t have a bra on! 


For our fabulous fall catalog we have 2 models and the video below introduces Taylor our newest model(we love her)!  She explains why she is saying bye bye to her bra!

Would you like to take the Cami Challenge?  Please e-mail me at

Redefine your closet for fall

Fashionably yours

Danielle Chapman

Independent Stylist, Team Leader

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