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Maybe you are looking for a way to earn a substantial income to stay at home with your kids, how about some extra money to…


Maybe you are looking for a way to earn a substantial income to stay at home with your kids, how about some extra money to pay for vacations or Christmas shopping, maybe you are looking to retire and need something that can make you a full-time income, how about a college student that needs to make money but no time to work a corporate or retail job, maybe you are tired for working for someone else, maybe you are completely happy with your career but need a creative outlet something fun to make fun money!

What would you say if I told you, that with Ruby Ribbon you can make $50.00-$75.00 per hour!!!! You would probably say there is no way, am I right?  You would maybe say (like I did) maybe some earn that but I would never be able to earn that amount!  Guess what YES YOU CAN!!!! 

There is no job that you can play dress up for an hour or two and walk away earning 100+ dollars!!!!

You make all the decisions in your Ruby Ribbon business!  Want to take off the entire weekends– you’ve got it, want to take a month off, you’ve got it! Want to work everyday from behind your computer/tablet, yep you can do that too! 

Ruby Ribbon’s awesome join kits are at a great price– around the price of an outfit you will receive everything you need to open your own Ruby Ribbon boutique! 

 Benefits of joining Ruby Ribbon:

  • Tax benefits- for running your own business you can write off your expenses like your rack and supplies
  • You are your own boss– do not have to answer to anyone to how you run your business
  • A wonderful team of stylists across the country that will soon become your family!
  • You always have access to a gorgeous wardrobe– wear your rack
  • Play dress up and get paid(every girls dream!!!)
  • Earn as little or as much as you need
  • Awesome support from me, upline, and home office
    • training
    • mentoring
    • business coaching
  • And more!!!

Still want to learn more about the company and how you can sign up? 
We do a opportunity/learn more about Ruby Ribbon online meeting every Thursday evening 8:00PM EST
20 minute call and you could win a FREE cami!!!
call in 1-650-281-0004
passcode 565618 (not required but you are able to see a beautiful presentation)

I am looking for new stylists to add to my Royal Rubies team across the country
For any new stylist that signs on in September I am offering a great gift package for you to help get your business launched!
For more information go to
or e-mail me at
Fashionably yours
Danielle Chapman
Independent stylist and Team Leader

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