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Ruby Ribbon was founded in August of 2012, giving women the opportunity to be their own boss, earn a true income while having fun(playing dress…


Ruby Ribbon was founded in August of 2012, giving women the opportunity to be their own boss, earn a true income while having fun(playing dress up), and feeling confident in every aspect of their lives!!! Anna Zornosa is a powerhouse that dreamed of a company that would bring shapewear into the home in a more intimate, personal way instead of in a large dept. store where none of the sales associates know anything about shapewear! 

Ruby Ribbon had 2 goals when opening the business
1. comfortable shapewear
2. pretty shapewear

When opening the doors in August of 2012 Ruby Ribbon had the comfort factor and as we have grown we definitely have the beautiful part down too when we blended lingerie and shapewear with the sheer shapewear collection!

I joined the Ruby Ribbon family in December 2013, as I was shopping for Christmas gifts online, a gorgeous logo appeared at the top of my browser.  I was immediately drawn to the logo and wanted to click on it, but knew that it could potentially be bad (giving me a virus).  I was so intrigued that I kept coming back to the tab where the logo was, I finally pulled up google and typed the words RUBY RIBBON and bam it popped up so I clicked on the first link which took me to the website.


As I surfed the website I saw women having fun in a cute picture and it said fill out the form for more information(I never do that but for whatever reason I filled out the form, so glad I did) Within 1 hour of me filling out the form my cell phone rings… a number I did not recognize comes into my caller id, I almost never answer calls from numbers I don’t know but today I answered!  WOW it was a stylist liason from the home office of Ruby Ribbon. 

I asked what Ruby Ribbon was, she answered me and said “we are a new social commerce company selling shapewear!!!” WOW, okay I am interested(my mom loves shapewear and this would make a great gift for her) I said “okay how could I buy some shapewear?” The lovely lady at the other end explained Ruby Ribbon was only sold through independent stylists and would I be interested in signing up?  My initial response was No, really I am so busy with my day job as a College instructor and I am not a sales person so I just would like to buy some for Christmas!  She was never pushy, but always helpful and so she said well you don’t really have to be a sales person you just have to share– got me thinking I love to share but I probably wouldn’t be good at it so no I just want to buy now!  I thanked her for the offer! 

The lady asked where I lived so she could get me connected to a stylist in my area.  I told her WV she said ummmm well we don’t have a single stylist in the whole state….. I replied “what do you mean not a single stylist?”  She said “nope not a one…what an opportunity you would have!”

I got off the phone talked to my family about the opportunity and did my research by going to this link then I googled Anna Zornosa and Ruby Ribbon investment!  I read several articles and thought about it, prayed about it and researched it all!  I had several E-mails and phone calls with the home office and then on December 18th I took the biggest leap of faith I had ever taken and signed up!!!! (never seeing Ruby Ribbon shows or the entire collection I signed up!!!!)

Christmas Eve my kit arrived at my door and man It was a GREAT gift all of this started as me getting a gift for my mom but ended up gifting myself the gift of a ground floor opportunity!

January I signed up my first stylist on my team and promoted to Sr. Stylist, August my second stylist came on board, October my third stylist came on board and in December I promoted to Leader level!!! Wow and I had initially thought I wouldn’t be any good at this, funny huh? 

Our line continues to get better and better, we are getting so much attention in the press, adding stylists everyday we are officially over 1000 stylists and when I joined there were only 150 or so WOW!!!

Our first incentive trip will be March of 2016, the company wrote their first $10,000 commission check for a stylist this year, can you imagine earning that kind of income by just playing dress up and sharing Ruby Ribbon with everyone you know!!!!
I make anywhere from 50-100 an hour at a traditional trunk show!  My Ruby Ribbon income helps me take vacations, pay for my new car, and buy fun things like new handbags 🙂

There is so much magic happening in Ruby Ribbon right now!!!! Who do you know that would like to join in on all of the magic? Today is December 31st and what a better day to join (tax benefits, you will see so many people as you ring in the new year, and Tomorrow is the first of 2016 so you can start your business off with the new year!)

Maybe it is you, your sister, mom, friend, neighbor, coworker whoever it is I would LOVE to help her make all of her dreams come true in 2016 with Ruby Ribbon

Go to Become a Stylist or call me at 304-690-2482 or e-mail me at  rr.daniellec@gmail.com to learn more about signing up

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