Ruby Ribbon Flash Sale

Ruby Ribbon is offering a back to basics flash sale

You do not want to miss out on the great basics that are on sale

Leggings and camis

Contact me today to Order yoursDanielle Chapmanrr.daniellec@gmail.com1

Contact me today to order yours at or go here to place your own order!

Have you ever tried our leggings on?  Now is a great time to do so at 30% off!!!!
Why are our leggings the BEST? We have a secret built into our leggings designed to make you look like a runway model every day it is called intomi and you will only find it in Ruby Ribbon- our leggings have a 5-inch skinny band inside that will tuck and tone your tummy lift your bottom and lengthen and slim your legs!

Leggings are in style right now everyone is wearing leggings of some type why not look fabulous in a pair of leggings?  You can with Ruby Ribbon!!!

Don’t need leggings today but could you use a fresh hug? Well, we have our very popular white cami on sale right now!



Happy Shopping



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