… And its importance in our lives What is style? According to Websters Dictionary a :  a distinctive manner of expression (as in writing or…


… And its importance in our lives

What is style?
According to Websters Dictionary
a :  a distinctive manner of expression (as in writing or speech) <writes with more attention to style than to content> <the flowery style of 18th century prose>
b :  a distinctive manner or custom of behaving or conducting oneself <the formal style of the court> <his style is abrasive>; also :  a particular mode of living <in high style>
c :  a particular manner or technique by which something is done, created, or performed <a unique style of horseback riding> <the classical style of dance>
d:  the state of being popular :  fashion <clothes that are always in style>
e:  fashionable elegance
f:  beauty, grace, or ease of manner or technique <an awkward moment she handled with style>

So Style can even be defined as the way something is done, I can take that in the way you get ready in the morning, how you cook, how you shop, how you apply makeup the list can go on and on

So what is your style?  ask yourself how do you usually get ready in the morning, how do you cook, how do you shop, how do you apply makeup these questions can answer a lot of questions about your personal style!

How do you dress?

1.Are you a night before dresser- do you lay out your outfits the night before?
2.Are you a first come first serve outfit dresser- the first outfit you grab you wear no matter what it looks like
3. Are you a closet fighter- do you try on multiple outfits and become frustrated at your closet and what it has to offer you?

How do you cook?

1. Are you a prep cooker- do you cook up the entire weeks worth of food at one time
2. Are you a su chef cooker- do you gather your ingredients and put in prep bowls for an organized way of cooking?
3. Are you a messy cooker? do you just grab everything the second you need it and get flour, sugar, spices all over the place, sauce splattered everywhere?

How do you shop?

1. Are you a get in and get out type of shopper- do you know exactly what you are looking for you go in just for that and get it and get out of the store?2. Are you a window shopper? Do you have something in mind and you go and look for hours and cannot find what is in your head and so you leave with nothing?
3. Are you a compulsive shopper- Do you go shopping just because and buy everything you see, maybe not everything but a lot?

How do you apply makeup?

1. Do you just apply a few areas of makeup- you don’t need all over makeup but you wear lipstick and mascara or eyeshadow and foundation? Simplistic is best!
2. Do you overdo it and perhaps not even know it? Are you an over the top makeup applier?
3. Are you a special occasion makeup provider, only wear makeup for date night, weekends, work functions, or….?

Style can be attributed to ones behavior

How do you act in public, at your house, with family, with friends, at work, with strangers?

  1. Shy and backward- do you shy away from crowds and parties would rather spend a nice evening at home with your cat?
  2. Outgoing and flamboyant- you love parties and crowds the more the merrier, you can socialize with anyone and everyone in the room– Do you like to be the center of attention?
  3. Mixture of the above depending on the company- are you different depending on who you are with?

What is your personal style?

did you answer the above questions? Got you thinking about yourself didn’t it?  Are there things you want to change, really this exercise is just meant to become more aware not meant to make you change– you need to be comfortable in your skin, comfortable in who you are! this is what defines your style, your personal style!

When talking about style it is a lot more than a pair of jeans and a t-shirt but this is definitely a big component

  1. Are you a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl?
  2.  Are you a dress and pumps kind of girl?
  3. Are you a lace and wedges kind of girl?
  4. Are you a leggings and tunic kind of girl?\
  5. Do you love fashion and anything goes?
  6. Are you particular with how you look in all occasions, take time to plan outfits depending on where you are going and who will be there?
  7. mmmmmm…. this one should never be an option when discussion style but are you a pj pants and baggy T-shirt girl who goes out to Walmart, to drop off kids, or running errands???? This one should be changed for 2017 PJ pants should only be worn in ones house

I hope you figure out your personal style and own it in 2017 and beyond




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