What do Bra’s actually do?

Some call them boobie traps, some call them torture chambers, and some love them, really love them well maybe not love them but they have…


Some call them boobie traps, some call them torture chambers, and some love them, really love them well maybe not love them but they have gotten so used to them that they have become part of them!

What do they do for our girls? Are they safe or healthy?

Short answer is…. no!

Well lets look at it scientifically, breasts are mainly adipose(fat) tissue with some muscular makeup, lots of glands, nerves, blood vessels

see photo below


so what do bra’s actually do?

wearing a bra can actually prevent the breast tissue including breast muscle from thriving and flourishing. Meaning that muscle tissue atrophies or dies which prevents the breast from lifting they begin to sag. This fact is why many women choose to continue to wear a bra, thinking that the bra lifts the breasts and prevents sagging rather it does the opposite and promotes sagging because the muscle tissue is not required to hold the breast up and therefore stops working at all.

Bras were once thought to help a woman’s posture but this is also quite the contrary as the bra takes over what key muscles are made to do the muscles quit working and slowly die or atrophy away which does the exact opposite for posture.

Choosing not to wear a bra can actually promote collagen which helps to promote lift!

A bra has been for many years been a right of passage for a young girl when you get to wear a training bra, it is a HUGE deal!  Should we be re-think the training bra? absolutely young girls should not have to wear a training bra, there are other options out there that are healthier for girls and women of all ages, and sizes!


Ruby Ribbon has a patent technology in her camisole and demiette that allows a woman to say bye bye to her bra once and for all!  As the cami is put on the technology is released causing the girls to be lifted and separated no uni-boob affect!

I have been slow at jumping on the no bra bandwagon thinking that I was too small to wear a cami without a bra, I wouldn’t have shape oh how I was wrong actually it was the opposite I have more shape, more lift and more cleavage without my bra than I have ever had with a bra!

Can your bra slim your waist up to 1 inch, make you stand up straighter, giver your back ultimate support?


The Ruby Ribbon Cami can!


I have seen women that are a DD and above get rid of their bra and feel confident and beautiful in our cami’s


We comfortably fit sizes B and up!!! for women looking for extra coverage we offer full cup petals!

Some women do not want the core coverage that a cami offers, some still want to wear their bras so we now offer the demiette which is more like a sports bra only better!

No wicked underwire, I think every woman has a story to tell about when one breaks in the middle of the day and for the rest of the day you are  continually stabbed in the side…. Who wants to deal with this? I sure don’t, I am sure you don’t either

Now Of course I would love to help you out with a FREE cami fitting and challenge where you agree to wear the cami for 2 days without a bra and take a survey as to how it made you feel!  But if you would like to have a local stylist I can help get you connected to one!


Take the cami challenge you wont go back!







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