Spring Has Sprung

spring 18

Well not according to the calendar but at Ruby Ribbon we do not pay attention to trivial things such as dates on a calendar:)

so in Q4 2013 I joined this amazing company and never dreamed that we would be where we are today as far as the fashion and the technology behind our clothes and the shapewear, I mean where else can you get paid to shop your own rack, make lifelong friends from all over the united states and set your own schedule? Well, I found it in Ruby Ribbon and I am so very thankful I took a leap of faith and joined this awe-inspiring company!

So to say that this is my favorite line to be released, I know I know I say that every time, every time a new line comes out I say “oh this is my absolute favorite line, this is the best yet!” and while I say that about 4 times per year it is true each and every time.

So much growth in our design, in our product, in our back office, in our home office, in our marketing, in our upline, in our teams, in our stylists!

Take a look for yourself with our brand new lookbook 

spring chic

Have a fashionable day!

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