Capri Spree


Who doesn’t love a great deal? Just in time for Spring and Summer our gorgeous Capri leggings that make you feel as though you have just stepped off the runway every day you put them on. Step on into confidence, do your leggings make your legs look longer, leaner, what about that stubborn tummy, do your leggings tuck everything in and lift everything up? I can say that Ruby Ribbon leggings do, the very BEST leggings on the market! There are other companies who claim to tone and tuck and make you look your very best, well nothing is quite like Ruby Ribbon! (They don’t even pay me to say that, I fell in love with the leggings in 2013 that I joined Ruby Ribbon as the very first stylist in the whole state of WV(WOW!!!)

Have you heard of Ruby Ribbon, and wanted to try a pair on? Well as they say now is the time:)

Okay so let’s talk about the gorgeous colors, styles, and prints that we have to offer! We have leggings that will take you from the gym to the mall to a night out on the town, seriously though don’t believe me order a pair and try for yourself!

I would love to have a legging review panel, all you have to do is order a pair of leggings and wear them give me your honest opinion to appear here on this blog(with our without your name attached, that part is up to you)

Check out the photos and pick out your favorite pair

What size are you, you may be asking? I have you

XS- 0-2
S- 4-6

Come back for my personal review of the Capri’s below– go to the E-Commerce website to shop

capri spreeprint leggings for the sprint

Have a fashionable day!!!