I won….I really won!!!

So the most amazing thing happened last night during our summer/swim launch call🤗
Ruby Ribbon gave away each new piece of the line to a stylist on the call, and then gave an entire kit away to a stylist on the call (worth over $500.00)🎉

Watch the video 

It was like a dream when I heard Kathleen announce my name🎉🎉🎉 I began shaking and there may have been happy tears too😉

Then I heard Anna also say my name and asking me to verify I was on the call…

I heard them say are you here Danielle? I was frantically typing I am here….I am here!!! Watch the video for the suspenseful ending (my wifi is super slow at my house and there must have been a slight delay between asking me if I was on the call and me responding) 

I am beyond thankful for Ruby Ribbon and the journey I have been on the past 4.5 years❤

I want to share the summer and swim line with you!!!! Schedule your preview today, let’s get together and redefine your closet for summer #beyondthebeach

I know I say it everything we launch a new season but it is true everytime… this is the BEST LAUNCH TO DATE🎉

keep checking back for previews of summer and swim

Schedule your personal preview today (live in person or virtual)

Fashionably yours


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