How do you Road Trip?


Since joining Ruby Ribbon I have been on so many Road trips I lost count ūüôā I love it even more than I can take my family and friends and write the trip off as a business expense!!!

My most latest road trip adventure took myself my mom(my biggest Ruby Ribbon client and cheerleader) and her best friend to Cincinnatti Oh to an amazing place called Jungle Jims, have you heard of it or been there?

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Once we left Cincinnatti we drive another 2.5 hours to Columbus for the Ruby Ribbon Rendezvous!

We ate at Donatos Pizza which was a first for all three of us(another reason I love RR, I have traveled and ate at so many different restaurants, saw so many different things, met so many great people!)

We shopped around for a minute(this is not part of the tax-deductible road trip, just a fun excuse to shop at a store we do not have in WV)

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Does this look like something that you would enjoy?  How does helping women look and feel amazing sound to you? Fill out the form below to find out more information about Ruby Ribbon and how you can write your next road trip off as a business expense

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