Top 5 Ruby Ribbon must haves in your closet

Even though you will probably want every piece of RR in your closet, it can be overwhelming to say the least so let me help you by breaking it down

Our brand has 3 distinct lines all specific to RR

1. Shapewear

2. Essentials with shaping

3. Fashion layers

We also now have some accessories as well as RR swim

Every girl no matter her age or shape needs a

1.cami or demiette

2. Legging/pant/skirt (or all three😁)

3. Fashion layer

4. Essential tank in black or white

5. Accessory/RR swim wear

The really neat thing is that our fashion is designed to be worn season after season, layer for cooler weather or unlayer for warmer weather. Most of not of our clothing pieces can be worn multiple ways which expands your seasonal wardrobeğŸŽ€

Fashionably yours,