Are you rushed for time?

And craving a homemade meal???

Yea if your like me there is at least one day in the week I am rushed for dinner… it usually is Wednesday before church, but with all the remodeling happening it is today😩

Well wouldn’t you know I had all of this in my pantry except the chicken and I picked it up after work.

Who doesnt love the Pioneer woman and to see that she now has made meal prep so easy with her easy meal kits available at your local walmart😊

I love instant potatoes and no they are not a replacement for homemade potatoes but when time is not your friend instant potatoes are your best friend!!!

Stove top makes for a nice side dish that replaces rolls or bread…mmmm with gravy on top😁

And when you cant make your gravy from scratch(something only women can find at the store😉…LOL😂) this is the most amazing substitute. I keep one in my pantry for such a time as this❤

And our meal is ready in less than 30 minutes

Bon appetit

Let me know if you try Pioneer woman meal kits at walmart, what do you think of them?