Girls day out success

Well our Girls day out with Ruby Ribbon was a SUCCESS!!!

Would have loved to have had a better turn out since I invited close to 80 friends and only 10 showed up(its okay because we had so much fun and got some really good deals!!!)

girls day out

See my 2 mini fashionistas and future Ruby Ribbon models(love them so much)new blazer

When your friend brings her samples for sale and you take a peek!!! I got this professional suit and LOVING it… Ladies listen when I tell you if you need to dress up for work Ruby Ribbon is where it is at, this literally feels like I have pajamas on(no seriously the pants are cropped trouser pants but no zipper or button they are the same make as our ever so popular leggings! and the blazer is so slimming and the length is so GREAT!!!)

Go here to find this outfit on sale

You have to have this outfit plus check out the 15 items on our SALE tab

Have a GREAT day with your gal pals


May the 4th be


Strong with your cami!!!

Say bye bye bra once and for all with a Ruby Ribbon Cami

Hey did you know we are more than shapewear now?

We have

🎀career wear

❤ lounge wear

🎀active wear

❤swim wear

🎀formal wear(well yea perfect solutions for your cocktail, weddings, galas…)

❤shape wear

Come to Fratelli’s in Barboursville to see what all the hype is about

May 4th 2-4

Much needed girl time, shopping, friends, Italian food😊