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a Review of intex pure spa inflatable hot tub! The things no one tells you I LOVE water whether it is a pool, hot tub,…


a Review of intex pure spa inflatable hot tub!

The things no one tells you

I LOVE water whether it is a pool, hot tub, lake, or ocean, so it makes sense I would want to buy a hot tub.

As with any purchase I did a lot of research as to what type of hot tub I wanted to buy. Looking at my budget and the fact I really did not want to spend a lot in case I wouldn’t use as much as I thought I would, didnt want to be out a lot of money.

I found the Intex purespa inflatable hot tub and really began researching it thinking this is what I would end up with.

I decided to buy the larger version that sits 6 adults a 7 foot diameter inflatable hot tub.

It arrived in 2 days because of Amazon Prime:)

I was so excited I wanted to open it right away but knew I needed to create a space for it.

Now here comes the Hard work!

The desired place to set up my new hot tub was in the back yard beside the deck(which did not have steps down to the ground) the grass was bumpy and not level. I began thinking I wanted to rip the grass up and level it out and put river gravel in place of the grass along with concrete pavers(the 12X12 from Lowes) I had a vision in my head and so began working early one Saturday morning.

We did not have power tools only a hoe, a shovel, and a rake along with buckets and a lawn cart, we began digging up the grass. We quickly realized it was going to be harder than it looked so we called my uncle(next door neighbor) to come up with his rototiller to tear up the ground. He then helped us level out a 7X7 diameter circle for the hot tub to sit on. We used paver sand to create a pad for the hot tub.

We then sat the hot tub up, filled it with water from the garden hose and turned the heater on, it takes a long time to heat up, so make sure you account for that time when setting your tub up.

We built temporary steps but they are sturdy and nice made out of cinder blocks

I did not realize the hot tub did not come with any chemicals, it comes with a chemical dispenser but no chemicals. Chemicals are very necessary (more on this later)

The very next weekend we placed a garden landscape trim up around our square, our new patio, sat the 12X12 pavers around the hot tub and then a solid set of pavers. we filled in the spaces with river gravel. This was HARD work but well worth it.

I then bought some flower pots and bought some tropical type flowers to set around, flamingos for the yard art, and we sat out some lawn chairs and a patio umbrella table. Our backyard oasis is finally complete and we are loving spending time outside.

Realizing we cannot use in inclement weather or in the winter we have decided this is a temporary fix until we can enclose our patio in a sunroom(4 season room) When this happens a blog post will happen.

If you are buying a inflatable hot tub these are some things you will want to think about

  • do you want outside or in a sunroom?
  • do you want it on a covered patio or out in the yard?
  • make sure you have a good outdoor outlet
  • Make sure you have ample space to put it, check the diameter of the tub both external and internal diameters
  • decide how big of a tub you need/want they come in 2 sizes 4 and 6 adults

What no one tells you is that it is a lot of work not only to set up the hot tub but to also keep the hot tub nice and clean.

You don’t just plug and play… we had to create our space then once it is set up have to check the water every week and add the proper amount of chemicals. Guess what if you don’t add the proper amount and right kind of chemicals you could end up with pseudomonas folliculitis or hot tub disease, yep that happened to me see photos below.

Before you decide to jump in and buy a inflatable hot tub please consider the space, the work involved and how much you will use the tub, and the financial impact of water, electric, chemicals and accessories!

This was all well worth it to us and we have used the hot tub 95% of the time when we get our sunroom I feel like we will use it even more!

Hot tubs and swimming pools are a lot of fun, helps with relaxation as well as exercise and recreation, what no one tells you is the amount of work hot tubs and pools truly is. Now with that being said, I find the work associated with maintaining a hot tub is interesting and fun😁I may be a bit of a nerd though

I take a water sample to my local pool/spa store to have my chemicals tested

The chemicals and the amount thereof is very important for your safety

Have a great day

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