Trendy yet affordable

I have been hard at work in the Creative corner trying to get ready for this Holiday season(which is fast approaching)

What will be available in the shop


💕 Stationary/planner items

🎀 Charms

💕Leather earrings

🎀Hand-tied cotton tassel earrings

💕Keychains/zipper pulls/ pursecharms

🎀 Home decor

💕greeting cards

🎀scrapbook page kits

So far I have leather earrings listed and ready to make, I have a few reverse canvases and embroidery hoop frames, scrabble tile charms, tassel earrings and keychains

I still need to add greeting cards, scrapbook page kits, more home decor items

The Creative Corner is more than just jewelry, or gifts, or cards… Creative Corner is your one stop shop for all things creative and all gifts💕

Come on over to Creative Corner and find your perfect gift today!!!

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