This is not okay

Enough is enough I hesitate to write this but I am sickened and shook by what happened to Auhmed, Breonna and now George Floyd all…


Enough is enough

I hesitate to write this but

I am sickened and shook by what happened to Auhmed, Breonna and now George Floyd all within the past 3 months but there are so many more

See my friends racism is not new, racism has been around since Bible Times but in 2020 with social media and the ease of taking photos and videos on mobile devices makes racism more obvious

What happened is NOT okay

As a white person I feel the need to encourage my race that now is the time to stop racism

Saying you’re not racist is not enough we have to be anti racist we have to stand up and speak out against racism

We must be careful when voting in elected officials… yes a lot of elected officials are racist both local and national… be careful my friends prayerfully consider who you are putting into office!!!

White privilege is something that has come up a lot over the past few months, at first I got a little defensive… what do you mean white privilege but yes until we as whites have been treated differently just because of our skin color we have white privileges… privileges that other races don’t have.

It sickens me everytime a white proclaiming evangelical christian friend or acquaintance, family member, Co worker or neighbor

Say I am not racist but…

But what? There are no buts here only hard facts that you are in fact a racist. Does that hurt or make you feel some kind of way? Good it should(truth hurts sometimes)

I have heard my whole entire life

I am not racist but my daughter better never marry a black man…. what kind of ignorant person are you? Really you’re not racist though… okay thats good to hear?

We are failing… I mean like in high school algebra class except we don’t get a chance to do it over again we don’t get a retake…

We must do better

We have got to start treating everyone no matter their gender, race, nationality EVERYONE like they are children of God and God’s unique creation

This hurts God’s heart

If you have ever thought maybe not said aloud but thought you were better than someone of a diffetent race… guess what you have racist tendencies… not okay

If you say it is a shame what happened to George Floyd, Auhmad Jeffrey, Breonna

But these riots are not okay… you have racist tendencies

I don’t agree that vandalizing and violence is okay

I do understand that it is coming from a place of, frustration, hurt, and years centuries of not being heard and it has manifested into anger

Items, buildings and anything material can be replaced but precious lives cannot

They are trying to make a point they are trying to get our attention they need to be heard we need to listen, do they have your attention yet?

Imagine if you will… you have a family member who is different maybe they get bullied, they get mistreated or perhaps they get killed for nothing in the middle of the street surrounded by hate…

Imagine if you will that when you leave your house for the day, that you fear for your life just because the color of your skin automatically puts you at a disadvantage places you in unnecessary danger. Imagine, I know it may be hard to do this especially if you my reader is white but please try.

If any of this makes you uncomfortable, if any of these statements make you feel defensive… I pray for you, I pray that God will help you to see your heart motives, are you truly “not racist”, do you have “racist tendencies”

My prayer is that I reach at least one and can make a difference… but my purpose is to take a stand and say BLACK LIVES MATTER to let my black family, friends and those I have yet to meet that I syand with them, I support them, pray for them, love them and that they matter to me.

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