Black Lives Matter

Does this statement upset you?

Do you immediately say “ALL LIVES MATTER!!!” “WHITE LIVES MATTER”???

There is a problem

Until we ALL RACES can see Black Lives as important, as precious, as God’s creation until we can say black lives matter without getting your panties in a wad then and only then will ALL LIVES MATTER

Until white people can respect Black people

Until there is Justice

ALL LIVES won’t matter

I am not sure what people think when they say ALL LIVES MATTER? Here is what I see when I hear my white friends say this…all white lives matter, this is sickening and so heartbreaking to me.

Yes ALL LIVES should matter but the problem is, the issue is that they don’t

Black lives are not treated with the same respect that white lives that is the hard truth

When a black man is taking a jog through a neighborhood the very same neighborhood that white men run through, but every one of the white men returns to their families after their daily run, never a thought of their lives being in any type of danger even crossed their minds… the black man he didn’t get that same outcome

Because two white men decided to take that away from him.

Did his life matter, should have but obviously in hhat moment in that neighborhood his life didn’t matter.

Does this make you sad, does this break your heart… or do you try to justify the white guys by saying well he must have done something to instigate the altercation.

If it breaks your heart you are on the right track now don’t be afraid to take a stand dont be afraid to be anti-racist

On the contrary if you are the other where you try to justify the whites I pray that yiu take a hard look at your heart,your motives

And to you I encourage you to educate yourself on racism, on white privelage

I beg my white friends to mute to listen and understand how insensitive it is to reply to every Black Lives Matter with All lives matter, stop saying it unless you mean it stop saying it unless you can say Black Lives Matter!

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