Levels of support

Ruby ribbon has sure come a long way since I began, since the company was founded.

I remember getting so excited when we released cheetah print cami because all we had was black and pale and now we have 5 levels of support, we have prints and gorgeous colors!

We truly have something for every woman

Our sizes go from 32-50 and support all cup sizes from A to whatever… no really we do!!!

I would like to explain the 5 levels of support we offer so you will be more informed to make your personal selection of cami’s and demi’s

Level 1 is nothing wearing nothing but with Ruby Ribbon I would consider the dream cami a level 1

Level 2 is Feather Light support (the Second Skin collection), yiu will get good lift with this level… please keep in mind this level is reserved for cup sizes A-D but has been known to fit DD Cups that aren’t heavy breasts.

$69.00 and comes in original and lace

Level 3 is Light Support collection- you will get great lift with this level

$69.00 comes in a variety of gorgeous colors and seasonal prints

Level 4 is Full Support collection.

You will get AMAZING lift with Full supports (All cup sizes)

$79.00 comes in beautiful colors and seasonal prints

Level 5 is our Ultimate Cami and Nursing cami/demi that has ULTRA support for heavy breasted ladies

$89.00 comes in black and pale

Celebrate your curves and get the ultimate support where you need it while getting the stretch you love!!!

Demiettes are available in

  • Full support-$59.00
  • Second skin- $59.00
  • Nursing- $69.00

Ruby Ribbon demiettes are the BEST bra replacement you will ever find

Go here to.shop

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Author: redefineyourclosetwithdanielle

I am a Personal Wardrobe Stylist and Closet Whisperer with Ruby Ribbon! By Day I teach allied Health mainly Medical Coding, I am a Certified Medical Coder, Auditor and Instructor through the AAPC. I love learning new techniques, skills, and subjects, I am currently enrolled at Capella getting my Masters Degree in Public Health! I absolutely love Ruby Ribbon, my business not only helps me to pay for fun activities for my family but also helps me empower women through confidence building clothes and fashion. I have always loved blogs, reading and writing so here I am I hope that you enjoy this blog and if you are interested in learning more about what I do at Ruby Ribbon please contact me!

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