My heart is so broken

It just continues to break along with many others and our nation. I just don’t understand why we have let it get this bad. So…


It just continues to break along with many others and our nation. I just don’t understand why we have let it get this bad.

So I have never tolerated racism, but until last week I also didn’t stand up and speak on their behalf, if the people with whom I was conversing would bring up black people in a negative way I would maybe say now now that isn’t very nice or I would just let them speak their mind and then I would move on.

We as a nation witnessed a white human take the life of a black human in such a hate filled way. If the events surrounding George Floyds murder doesn’t make you feel some type of way then We had better pray for you right now!!!

I am serious

So all of the years that I never spoke up ended the day Georhe Floyd cried out that he couldn’t breathe and called for his momma.

I am done pretending if we just ignore it that racism will go away, I am done keeping silent.

I will NOT tolerate any form of racism from anybody period.

When there is an issue the first step in fixing it is admitting there is a problem and admitting your part in the problem then and only then can you work toward a solution.

I am learning and I have decided to use this blog as my journal as I begin this journey

I purchased a wonderful book “me and my white supremacy” I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to be part of the solution

Some terms that have come up over the past couple of weeks

  • White privelage
  • White supremacy
  • White fragility
  • White allergies

Wow these words are so heavy working through this book will make you realize we sre not so innocent after all, but more than that it takes an uncomfortable subject and gets you comfortable in asking questions, researching and educating yourself to be and do better!

Over the past week I have typed the words BLACK LIVES MATTER on my social media and everytime I do so or see someone else there is always that one or few people that reply ALL LIVES MATTER…. you have got to be kidding me?!?!?!

That is the main reason I bought the book I wanted to figure out why is it that white people have to say that?

White fragility, white allergies

Yes, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know and realize that all lives matter but during this time we need to focus our attention on black lives. It isn’t all about us my white friends, give it up do you know how you sound and look when you say “all lives matter”??? You look really silly, like a spoiled child not getting its way so you throw a temper tantrum. Seriously, you do!!!

Anytime giving an example to show them  how they look, they get very defensive saying one example is silly and ridiculous….(hmmm interesting because that is how everyone else feels when you type all lives matter in response to black lives matter!

Is it white lives that are in danger? Do you fear you wint come home based solely on the color of your skin? The answer is no, we don’t truly know what that feels like, so when BLACK LIVES MATTER is written on social media, please think before you defensively write all lives matter.

Just because I stand with Black friends and family and those I have never met doesnt mean I stand with a political organization my stand that Black Lives Matter is just that period end of sentence.

Enough is enough

The vandalism…. i don’t want to give it anymore attention than necessary but I don’t agree with it but we have to realize it has nothing to do with Black lives matter it has nothing to do with George Floyd. There are many white people (and yes Black people too) that are making it look bad for the black people. I don’t buy it, my support is not lost because of a group of individuals that feel the need to tear up Jack. If we get more tore up because of the destruction we forget that lives are more precious than material things we are falling right where that group wants us to. Guess what they want us to continue the race war they want it to get bigger. I refuse to buy into their plan.

The truth is we are all the same, anatomically speaking everyone has the same insides we just look different on the outside… these changes are phenotypes in our genetic makeup… everyone has the same # of chromosomes some are just expressed differently.

God created us all in his perfect image, no one is better than any other, we are all equal at the foot of the cross.

Saying that you have a different perspective because of when/how you grew up is a load of bologna really think about that and how crazy that statement is. Times change, people change and so that statement doesn’t hold up to me… white fragility… white privelage? Hmmmm this probably hurts but it needs to so we can change so we can grow so we can be better

So back to the book, I have decided to share my thoughts from the book every Monday

If you don’t wish to read those posts… don’t but my hope is that it could help someone out there realize they too need to change and give them the tools they need to make necessary changes in their lives

Praying for our nation


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