Fresno attacked me

And not the playful way he usually does

Oh my word has your cat ever done that?

Ouch… it hurts really bad

So here is what happened…

There was a cat outside, I picked him up so he could see it, now typically he would maybe growl a little but todsy was different.

I wasn’t even sure he had seen the cat because he wasn’t really doing anything, as I turned away from the window all I remember is he turned both claws and mouth open wide screaming, I closed me eyes as he proceeded to attack my face.

Wow it lasted a second if that long but it felt like an eternity, very painful, he junped and ran off, i was left holding my face and a little shocked at what happened.

I grabbed my face with both hands, my mom said let me see, I took my hands down she said its fine, nothing there… I put my hands back up covering my face as tears began to run down silently, it was hurting pretty bad

Mom said again Danielle it is okay, she was on the phone with her sister I removed my hands and blood was pouring, mom said oh dear I gotta go she is bleeding everywhere

So now I looked at my blood covered hands and I began to shake, mom grabbed some wet towels to clean my face

I said is it bad? How bad is it?

Mom said well it isnt good

Oh no how bad is it?

I felt like my ear was tore up like shredded and my face under my left eye hurt but my right side of my face didn’t hurt at all.

I finally got up the nerve to look in the mirror

It wasn’t as bad as I anticipated, not good but not bad

The left eye is a deep puncture wound

Above my ear is another puncture wound and the right side is a puncture wound but also a couple scratches.

He didn’t mean too but great day it was hurtful

He knew he did something wrong, bless his heart, we have made up and he knows I am not mad at him

What should I put on my wounds off to Google now to see

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