Social distancing

The two words of 2020 I would think it would have the same definition no matter who is defining it But apparently not Maybe everyone…


The two words of 2020

I would think it would have the same definition no matter who is defining it

But apparently not

Maybe everyone is just getting used to the new way or maybe the fear of covid-19 has left, I don’t know but it makes me more anxious everyday I go out

Now is there such a thing as being too anxious, maybe but there is such a thing as being too relaxed for sure

If you think I am crazy then that is fine I will be crazy, I am a big fan of face coverings I will continue to wear the face coverings, it is the most polite kind thing I can do for others

Thinking of others isn’t very common anymore  either though but I digress

So there are individuals who are more susceptible to Covid more susceptible to influenza more susceotible to any virus or bacterial infection… these individuals on top of the fact they are more susceptible is they are not able to wear a face covering(perhaps they have asthma, COPD, Chronic Bronchitis or other respiratory illness) or maybe they have anxiety and wearing face covetings send them into a panic attack.

By able individuals such as myself wearing masks we help to protect these individuals from a serious infection. It also helps protect us (no, the face coverings we have access to are not medical grade and thus do not fully protect us but any help… any protection is good for me)

So lets get back to the topic of this post, social distancing

Regardless of what you think of face coverings you must agree that social distancing is a good idea and a rule we should all adhere to with no problem.

I go into Walmart and craziness… people of all ages with no masks on, and just as many people of all ages had face coverings on(yay!!!) Of course the employees all had their masks on,

Maybe I am mostly nervous because my mom works as a cashier, she has been off since covid started here in WV and she goes back Monday, I am so nervous for her safety, I need to pray and turn the worry over to God.

I went into Kroger today, and these two girls got right up behind me definitely not 6 feet away just laughing and talking, I moved and they moved closer… really?!?! Why do we have to be so rude and inconsiderate, think of other people, can you do that? So you don’t want to wear a mask? Fine, but back away keep your distance!

Before Covid-19 there was such a thing as a personal bubble or personal space

I have always been a big fan of my personal space, only allowing invited individuals into that space. Did you? What did you think about personal space? Did you before covid 19 respect other peoples personal space?

What is different now? Why is it all of a sudden that everyone needs to be right up in your space and face?

I am not saying you have to wear a mask, I do think it is a personal decision(businesses can make a decision to make patrons wear a mask, that is their right as business owners) but please keep your distance away from others, that is truly the nicest thing you can do!

Social distancing… think about it, how would you like others to treat yourself or better yet how would you like others to treat your grandma? Just think about that for a minute, would you want someone getting in your grandmas space sharing their germs with her? I would venture to say probably not

Maybe we can all do a little better since we are all in this together ❤

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