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March 27, 2020 I got transitioned to work from home, it was different and the first few weeks I wasn’t really sure I even liked…

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March 27, 2020 I got transitioned to work from home, it was different and the first few weeks I wasn’t really sure I even liked it, I mean I work in an office with 3 other women I have a wall of large windows to see the outside world and the commute was my quiet time to have 30-45 minutes in the morning and 30-45 minutes in the evening.

After about 4 weeks of working from home I had finally gotten use to getting up getting dressed and heading upstairs to my little corner to work for 8 hours coming downstairs only to use the bathroom and get a snack or for lunch.

I looked at my bank account I don’t know about 4 weeks or so into working from home and realized I had a lot more money in my checking account than I typically did. I wondered why so I began researching my bank statements and realized that I wasn’t buying food for lunches, I wasn’t buying gas for my car ($50.00+ each week) so yes that all adds up.

Once I figured out I was saving some money $250-300 each month I then began looking at my productivity was it also positively affected?

I am a medical auditor by trade. I am in charge of all the internal documentation and coding audits for a very large multi-specialty group practice in WV I also take care of all the compliance education and handle external audit requests

On a typical day in the office I would maybe get 15 audits done(5 notes per provider that would be 3 providers)

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I began looking at what I was getting done while working from home and I was able to get 6-8 providers audited per day which is 30-40 notes audited per day. WOW I may never want to go back to the office I mean I am saving money and getting more work done!

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How do you dress for work normally?

How do you dress for working from home?

When covid-19 began forcing many to begin working from home I heard many say they just worked in their pajamas and would change from day pjs to night pjs!!!

This was absolutely crazy to me, insane.

Everyday I have gotten up and I get dressed as if I am walking out the door to go into the office. I typically wear scrubs everyday so that is what I have put on, when I have meetings I still dress because you may be on camera (zoom or teams).

The cool part about working from home is you can dress comfortably while still getting dressed and looking professional

Here are my tips for working from home while remaining fashionable

  • Leggings are acceptable as long as you have a decent top to wear
  • You don’t have any need to wear shoes if you dont want to
  • Wear a beautiful top that isn’t too low cut(because you never know if you will be on camera and sometimes it would cut the top out making you look as though you don’t have a top on, no one wants that
  • Wear a necklace and earrings
  • Have fun with your fashion choices since you will be the only one to see maybe a few coworkers through zoom meeting

You should always get dressed, you may get called out and wont have time to change your outfit, no more working in pajamas those are for bedtime.

You want to get dressed because it makes you feel better, makes you more productive so if you don’t typically wear pajamas to work then stick with what you typically wear making 100% sure you look awesome from the waist up.

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Have a great day working from home if you are able to!


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