Benefits of Gardening

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Growing up we had a garden at my grandmas and it was a family event to pick the veggies at harvest.

I never had the desire to have my own garden until last year. I decided it was time I dabbled in gardening I mean I live on a farm for crying out loud 🙂

So I went to Lowes and bought some patio garden beds and then created my own raised bed out of cinder blocks I was ready.

My harvest was plenty it was great to walk out my back door and pick lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes.

This year I decided I wanted a bigger garden and thus I bought more patio planters

you can find some like it here on amazon.

These patio planters are so easy to put together(put the wheels on and fill with dirt, plant food and plant your veggies and then wait for it to grow(well keep it well watered)

I love that these have wheels on them, makes it easier to move around the deck

Also found on Amazon are these awesome planter bags

These planter bags are nice to put tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, potatoes anything really, they get heavy with the plants inside I suggest putting them on a rolling plant holder like these

Check out this years garden here, I am super happy with the garden this year(except for the zucchini plant my aunt gave me neither one of us is having any luck with it)

Benefits to growing your own veggies is

  • You know how the veggies were planted because you planted them
  • You know what is in the soil because again you put the soil in
  • You know if pesticides were used(hopefully not and if you did use it you used it safely)
  • Something very satisfying is walking out your back door and picking veggies that then you prepare for your family
  • Relaxing time spent with your garden watering picking weeding spending time in your garden even if it is small is relaxing… feeling stressed from work spend a few minutes in the evening with your garden it will calm

It may be a little late to start a veggie garden this year but go grab some planters and plant some pretty flowers this year and next season consider growing your own veggies…. hey if you have kiddos they may be more willing to try those pesky veggies if they help grow and take care of the plants!(worth a try right?!?)

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  1. I love gardening! I have my own mini garden just outside our flat. The space is narrow but my husband and I managed to put five pots. But with these patio planters, I guess we can add more. 🌱

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