Mask up and look cute

Just because we need to wear face coverings doesn’t mean we can’t be cute fashionable and comfortable!!! As a public health professional, I can tell…


Just because we need to wear face coverings doesn’t mean we can’t be cute fashionable and comfortable!!!

As a public health professional, I can tell you that masks are working, the spread is slowing in the majority of the country

Masks alone will not help us get through this pandemic… we have to keep social distancing, good hand hygiene and refrain from touching our faces. It has been proven though that mask compliance is helping to slow the spread and so we must have cake and celebrate!!!!

No one wants to wear plain masks though, not everyday anyway.

Ruby Ribbon just released the cutest face coverings

How cute????

You get 5 reversible masks which gives you 10 looks for $65.00

These masks are made with 3 layers of cotton according to the CDC recommendation of three layers of protective fabric.

There is a flexible wire for the nose piece so the mask will fit snugly against your face and can easily be worn with glasses

The elastic ear loops are super soft

The mask itself is adjustable for a variety of face shapes and sizes!

These face coverings are not medical grade

The reason this is documented on masks which are not medical grade is for that simple fact they are not medical grade not that they don’t protect you the wearer or the general public(because face coverings do protect and they are working). MEDICAL GRADE masks should be reserved for medical professionals in direct close contact with covid-19 patients. 3 layers of cotton, and not medical grade surgical style masks are good and protective for the general public who may come in contact with covid but not in close contact for an extended period of time.

Why is cotton the perfect material for face masks?

Cotton is a hydrophilic fabric which means it loves water and will absorb water… the water droplets that leaves your mouth and nose…will get trapped in the fibers of the mask.

Infected individuals will be shedding the virus through those same respiratory droplets but if they get trapped inside the cotton fibers, the virus will struggle getting to another human host, therfore the spread of COVID19 will slow down giving researchers time to develop and test a vaccine.

There are a lot of myths and misinformation being shared out there, please don’t fall for these myths which you can find the truth on reputable sources.

  • Masks do not cause you to get sick
  • Masks do not cause hypoxia… as long as you can breathe through them
  • Asking people to wear masks is to help not to hurt, everyone has a right yes but while we are talking about rights what about the right to feel safe and healthy. Public health is a right and not obeying the mask mandate is interfering with that right of people you come in contact with.
  • Masks are not just for the sick, actually the sick should not be out in the public, there is a presymptpmatic(before symptoms show up) stage of this virus which is when a person is the most contagious.

Maybe you want plain but still pretty masks

The opinions expressed on this blog are my own and in no way represent those of Ruby Ribbon.

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