Traveling during a pandemic

Well all the anxiety faded away and we just took our family beach vacation. No we didn’t let COVID stand in our way But getting…


Well all the anxiety faded away and we just took our family beach vacation.

No we didn’t let COVID stand in our way

But getting ready to travel was a bit nerve wracking… what would it be like, would it be different, how could it be the same?

The more I would think about it the easier it was getting to talk myself into not going at all

I am so glad i didn’t do that though.

So flying was the big question to be stuck inside an airplane an enclosed space for an extended period of time freaked me out a bit.

Then you think pf the alternative of driving and stopping to get gas, stopping to get food and stopping to use the bathroom/stretch your legs and possibly stopping to stay in a hotel. When you think about that flying seems like the better option.

We had already booked our flights though and thinking about it almost made me sick at my stomach was me “needing” a vacation putting my family at a greater risk…putting us in danger?

I had to finally stop thinking that way and just go and hope and pray others were following the guidelines.

Arriving at the airport although small airport it was earily quiet there was maybe 75 people in the airport, everyone was social distancing and wearing a mask I felt comforted

Then when we boarded our flight it wasn’t half full which made me even happier

Arriving to then drive 6 hours to our beach destination now we get to see how traveling by car is going to be like

I made sure to potty right before we left in the car, we of course had to stop several times to use the bathroom and get gas, I held on we got to the state park to see waterfalls

Then we arrived at our final destination, the first person I saw was a parking attendant/security guard with a mask on, I immediately felt some better.

We got in our room and decided we needed to go to Walmart and get something to eat. The Walmart was set up just like at home, one entrance and masks required, the guy working said thank you for wearing your mask 😷 no problem!!!

Inside walmart I was pleasantly surprised not very many didn’t have a mask on, this is great!

Going to pick up dinner signs saying no mask no service, made me feel better too.

Picked up dinner and took it back to our condo (we did this 2 nights)

The next three nights we ate at a restaraunt but on their outdoor deck

There was only one night, the last night I felt a bit uncomfortable, I felt like there was too many people in their.

In many ways this vacation felt very much like all our other beach trips but then you would realize we are still in the middle of a global psndemic and reality would set back in.

Going to the beach was great there were several who wore masks even on the beach and at the pool, we didn’t because we don’t wear masks outside at home but I say whatever makes you comfortable you go ahead!!!

Heading home was different we always go to a little diner and have a big breakfast then we go to the room and pack up and head out. This time we packed the car up and headed out but guess what…we had Tudors biscuit world which unless you are from WV you wouldn’t know how big of a deal it is, we enjoyed our breakfast in the car and then headed out.

Stopped several times once again to get gas, stretch legs and use the bathroom we got back to the house at 6PM ordered food went to pick it up and then back to the house to eat and go for an evening swim.

In many ways traveling this year was exactly like all the other years traveling and in many ways it was so very different.

What wasn’t different is that we got away and were able to relax for a week we were able to recharge our batteries to get ready to get back to the everyday grind.

Our yummy food

If you are considering even a few days away do it, you won’t be sorry if you take precautions and do what you do at home, I mean if you dont go inside restaraunts at home dont while away on vacation, if you dont gather(which we shouldn’t anyway) dont. Clean the room with lysol and chlorox and wear your mask! If you dont feel comfortable somewhere turn around and leave, its okay. Order food and eat in your room, go play outside goofy golf or amusements, most importantly relax you need time away from your normal routine it is healthy to do so.

Tell me about your vacation, I would love to hear how it was different, how it was the same

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