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I have been in the direct sales space for over 10 years now When I was a senior in high school I watched this soap…


I have been in the direct sales space for over 10 years now

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When I was a senior in high school I watched this soap opera called Passions and there was a character that started her own business and it was direct sales, with a company called Mark a side/sister company of Avon.

I loved it, I saved up my babysitting money and purchased my kit, I met a mentor at the local McDonalds and so began my direct sales journey.

I was fairly successful selling mark and when I graduated and went to college I added Avon to my repertoire, I loved passing out books campaigns we called them and selling avon at the bank, grocery store, all the medical practices in town(there were 2 and 1 dentists), the realtor too!

after a few years of doing that I grew tired of it and just kind of stopped selling avon.

I was at a friends scrapbooking and she had a guest show us how to stamp using close to my heart stamps and I fell in love this time I was a kit napper, I just wanted to build up my own personal supply I didnt do any parties or outside sells I had fun purchasing my own stamps, markers, stamp pads, stickers, cardstock and supplies to make my own greeting cards.

After I built up my supply I resigned from this company as well. It was really fun while it lasted.

In 2013 I was Christmas shopping and ran into my next opportunity, Ruby Ribbon and I took it and had a business mindset this time, I sold, I recruited, I worked my business and became the youngest leader of the entire company(nationwide) this was the highlight of my 7 year(well I am still a stylist technically) career with Ruby Ribbon.

Notice how I refer to my Ruby Ribbon business as a career, yes it was fun but it was work, I treated it like a business!

In 2020 my friend invited me to a jewelry party online COVID had just started in the United states, I went to that party knew I needed to host my own show and when offered the opportunity to join and become a stylist I jumped right on in.

April 1st(no it was not a joke) I joined Park Lane Jewelry as a direct appoint Area Leader, this is awesome!!!

This has taken some getting used to, I am not used to selling jewelry, the programs Park Lane offers or virtually selling. I was an in home party girl

You know the girl that brings bags of her products into your living room and shares with a few of your friends… How am I going to transition to sell 100% online?

6 months later and I think I have got a system in place. I want to share here in case you are struggling with your direct sales or small business.

  1. Post on social media everyday consistently everyday of the week
    1. Facebook
      1. your main wall
      2. your main story
      3. your VIP group
      4. your business page
    2. Instagram
      1. Story
      2. wall/ newsfeed
    3. snapchat
    4. twitter
    5. pinterest
  2. reach out to friends about booking a virtual show create your FRANK list and reach out to 20 people everyday– remember dont prejudge
  3. host your own virtual trunk show if you are allowed to do so

Most direct sellers will tell you to go live in your group and do a live facebook party this is where you will show your products as if you are in your friends living room.

Another option is Zoom, a lot of stylists find that zoom is a fun way to see everyone and get together virtually

What if your internet is not fast enough to sustain a live feed or zoom meeting?

Well guess what my internet is not good enough for lives so here is what I do at my shows

  1. Create a private facebook group
  2. have the host add her friends the more the better
  3. welcome the guests with a video short and sweet 1-2 minutes
  4. post a welcome message they can read
  5. post welcome photos they can see
  6. Each post for each category, I have a short video, I have a photo gallery and an informative post

I don’t go live because honestly I cant I tried, and it just is more of a mess my video feed is pixelated and cuts in and out, who wants to watch that? Not me, if I were invited to a party and the live was pixelated and cut in and out I would log off, I wouldn’t participate. I knew that I didnt want to put my customers through that either. How could I have successful shows without lives? I knew there had to be a way, Remember I have that I am not quitting attitude so I figured it out because there is always more than one way to do something you just have to think outside the box and be resourceful.

don’t give up if you cant go live

What can you do? Think about that and go with it, it may take some trial and errors but that is okay learn what went well what didn’t work what you can do to make it better! You will be successful!!!

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