Do you have any special traditions?

2020 has changed a lot of what we typically do, we now do things a bit differently, not all is bad but some make me sad. For instance Easter we were not able to attend church (only online) and no Easter egg hunt for the kiddos, then Memorial day no big family cookout, 4th of July no cookout or fireworks, Labor day nothing… Thanksgiving is fast approaching and many questions are raised…Will we have a big family dinner, will it be small scale, what about shopping… we always go black Friday shopping and what about the Thanksgiving day parade?

So Thanksgiving is probably my favorite I mean yes I LOVE Christmas but but if I had to choose between the 2 I would choose Thanksgiving every time.

For as long as I can remember my mom would get up before the crack of dawn and begin fixing our dinner, I would wake up to the smell of turkey cooking in the oven, I would run into the kitchen and then we would have a breakfast I would turn on the parade and would sit glued to the TV all morning…. this was before DVRs so no pausing, no recording, and no rewinding(wow what a time that was and that statement is aging me).

I would be so hungry all day the smell of that awesome food, what time is lunch/dinner? I would ask every half hour or so. It felt like the day went on forever but then finally my mom would say its dinner time! And that is the moment I had waited on all day!

After dinner we would veg out and look through newspaper ads and make our plans to go shopping.

We would turn on Christmas movies and usually fall asleep then we would get up in the wee hours of the morning and head to the mall and we would snatch up all the deals we could get our hands on.

Those were the days.

Now everything is so uncertain, one thing is for sure, we will still have family dinner just not sure how many will be coming. Black Friday will probably not exist outside of virtual shopping!

The parade, Thanksgiving day will not be the same without the parade so I hope they can figure out a way to still have the parade.

Do you have traditions? How do you feel about the parade?



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