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I have always loved crafting

Greeting cards is where I started, I always said you spend a great deal of time picking out the “perfect” card for that special occasion/Birthday party, you are so excited when you find The Card.

Showing up to the event and you realize 2 maybe more also thought your card was the “perfect” card this is not a fun feeling.

I decided to start making my own greeting cards because of this, and everyone kept telling me…”sell these cards”, “you could sell these cards” I finally gave in and opened an ETSY shop(before it was cool)

I sold some cards, then I added jewelry, I added charms, I added crochet projects, I added vinyl projects, I added home decor and then I became very overwhelmed.

Then I switched careers(I LOVE my day job, really my dream job) with my career switch came less time to craft, then I started grad school to get my Masters Degree in Public Health and this left me with no time to craft.

My ETSY shop had to go on the backburner.

I have graduated since and now am very used to my new career with 2020 safer at home I have found i have more time to craft

I forgot how relaxing it is to sit down and play with glue, get my scissors and cut and build layered paper diecuts.

I have made the decision to ReBrand my shop and have a Re-Grand opening

This time around I will be more focused by offering greeting cards and gift tags

Consider supporting handmade instead of buying from a box store generic greeting card.

Since it is Christmas season this is what I will begin listing… keep on mind my cards are limited to 1-2 designs meaning you will be able to give the “perfect” card that no one else will get you will get unique designs with every purchase!

I have a blog dedicated to my crafts and my new ETSY shop it is linked above under the creative closet.

I hope you will join me for my Grand Re-opening this month

ETSY shop link

Creative Corner blog link

Sneek peek

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