Thankful…Grateful… blessed

Yes we truly are blessed and I am thankful everyday I just need to start being more active about it…. I mean I need to…


Yes we truly are blessed and I am thankful everyday I just need to start being more active about it…. I mean I need to let people see my gratitude I need to live my gratitude outloud!

For the month of November we have had a series of sermons at church titled the same “living out gratitude outloud”

The Lord has done so much for me I would be here all year telling you what I am thankful for… but seriously in a year with so much hopelessness, so much sickness, so much negativity so much hate and so much division I am thankful for

  • my family- I know that everyone says they have been blessed with the best but seriously I have been I see so many families that barely speak to one another much less do anything together, my family is pretty close and for that I am thankful… not to mention my mom yea I have the BEST one☺
  • Thankful for my health and my families health… this Covid virus is nothing to joke about or not take seriously and God has been good to us, but not only COVID but other illnesses too health has been at the top of my thankful list this year for sure!
  • My job, in the middle of this pandemic many lost their jobs and I am thankful I was able to keep my job, work from home
  • My God is bigger than all these problems bigger than all my fears God is bigger than anything… I am thankful that God is in control
  • Thankful for kind people, in a world where you can be anything… be kind! It isnt that hard, really. I was always taught if you didn’t agree with someone it was okay to have your opinion and for them to have theirs and you move on. This has not been happening this year at least with people I know and it saddens me. It takes way more energy to be hateful just smile and be friendly.
  • Thankful for my church and church family, at the beginning of the pandemic it was horrible not being able to be at church
  • Thankfuk for pastors and leaders who figured out how we can gather safely and have church!

Living our gratitude outloud… asking God for something and Praising him outloud with strangers and friends alike… God is so so good because_____!

Yes we can be thankful but if we don’t express it (grateful) it is kind of a waste

Thanksgiving is a day on the calendar a great time to reflect at what we are thankful for but we should live everyday with grateful hearts!



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