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I am a crafter and this list is dear to me… these are my top tools I cannot craft without First up is the CRICUT…


I am a crafter and this list is dear to me… these are my top tools I cannot craft without

First up is the CRICUT

Oh my word what can I say about the cricut… I LOVE the cricut my love goes back years ago when I was blessed to be chosen to be a part of Cricut’s demo army when the gypsy and cricut cake were released…. oh the memories!

I LOVE the cricut and any crafter in your life will love a cricut too… I recommend a cricut explore air unless you are a fabric crafter then you would want the maker.

Next up is the best tape a crafter could ever ask for… the 3M taper runner is not small at all it is very large but worth the money and the size… for any papercrafter this is a must have

next up is some more adhesive… the absolute BEST glue you will ever find!!!

I was lucky enough to discover this gem right before Thanksgiving and I dont know how I ever crafted before!!! I mean the fine precision tip is the Best for those tiny cuts (the cuts you will make with your cricut!!!)

Not to mention… how cute is the bottle?

Next we have my favorite storage cart… once you gather all of these tools you will need a place to store them. This Lexington cart is the BEST, it even has an optional table top which covers the top basket but gives you extra workspace and protects the inside of that top basket.

You can place your cricut on top of this cart if you opt for the table top add on

The wheels make this cart mobile which is super nice.

Note: Recollections have more styles of carts available but Lexington is what I personally have.

Are you or do you know a card maker or a stamper? You will want to consider Copic markers. These are the BEST craft markers and allow you to create realistic effects on your designs by layering colors and real life like highlights! There are so many options for copic markers so make sure to check with your crafter.

Next up is a must have if you are a stamper and you use copic or want to start using copic markers.

stazon ink pad… creates crisp lines that are permanent and eliminates color bleeding.

This next one is so much fun and even if you dont play with vinyl you will want to try this at least once.

Infusible ink

This is unlike anything…. vinyl sits on top of the fabric while infusible ink goes into the fabric, like what you find in stores, creates a more professional look for your creations, it is very cool, you will want to try it out, believe me!

These tweezers are the BEST for paper crafters… pick up those tiny cuts and they will help you.add adhesive and create your projects, you will want to keep these handy(in your Lexington cart)

My list could probably go on and on I mean I didn’t even talk about paper but lastly my favorite scissors are Fiskar scissors… even if they say for fabric only, you never want to cut paper with scissors you cut fabric with but if you are just using them for your paper crafts these are perfect they are my FAVORITE brand of scissors

Happy crafting



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