History of Costume Jewelry

You probably did not know but I have a minor in history I LOVE it so much I took so many history classes in college I ended up with a minor in history…. pretty cool huh?

Anyway I was wondering where costume jewelry really came from and so I began researching it and found some pretty neat facts I am going to share with you here…

Costume jewelry was designed as a cheaper alternative to fine jewelry

In 1892 Austrian Jeweler Daniel Swarovski developed his own rhinestones to make jewelry with these stones dazzled and looked great, offering women all over a more affordable option to the “real” gemstones like rubies, emeralds, Diamonds and sapphires… Swarovski crystals are still very popular today!!!

During the Roaring 20s with the emergence of Art Deco comes Coco Channel with a great design for costume jewelry. Up to this point women who wore costume jewelry were looked down upon because they could not afford the “real deal”

Coco loved to make statements with her jewelry and therefore had a line of big bold statement costume pieces!

Fine jewelry have their place, but I for one am so thankful for costume jewelry I mean can you imagine our options if we only had fine jewelry to choose from? Our outfits would not be as fun for sure.

Jewelry is like the sprinkles on the cupcake!!! Or the frosting… which takes me back to that movie “How to loose a guy in 10 days” FROST yourself!!!! 🙂

The flapper dancers of the 20s were among the first group to perfect the arm stack, they loved stacking bangles on their wrists and wearing the flashiest of jewelry options!

Today we also refer to costume jewelry as fashion jewelry and I LOVE it!!!! you can dress up a graphic tee or a ball gown and everything in between with fashion jewelry

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