How to build a SMART Cart

Refresh your wardrobe and save lots of money!!!


Park Lane has the most AMAZING customer special, you won’t find anything like it anywhere!!! We like to say if it is too good to be true it is Park Lane!

Customer Special

Buy 2 at full price get up to 4 items half off

The 2 full price items are the 2 least expensive

Can you imagine walking into a dept store buying a pair of socks and a tee shirt thrn getting a designer handbag and pair of shoes half off! Amazing thought, right… a dream!!!!

Your dream comes true at Park Lane Jewelry

Don’t have a stylist yet?

I would love to help redefine yiur jewelry box!!!

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So let’s build a smart cart and SAVE lots of money!!!!

Ready?!? Get a piece of paper and work through it with me

#1 choose 2 items at full price

I chose these gorgeous stud earrings Nectar and bugsy, hey did you know that bug jewelry is on trend for spring?!? Gucci made the honey bee popular and Park Lane had several must have bee pieces!

#2 shop for up to 4 pieces

You will look for items that are priced $35-$90

Don’t worry these are going to be half priced.

Keep in mind you have 4 half priced items even though I chose 2 for our example, you will want to fill those 4 discount spots. Don’t leave money on the table!

I chose Wildflower necklace to go with Nectar earrings and lady bug necklace to go with bugsy earrings!

think about gifts you need, these discounted pieces are perfect for that… birthdays, Valentines day, Easter, Spring formal, Mothers day, Christmas!

#3 add a Zinger

What is a Zinger? Any item in the catalog that retails for up to $200 you will only pay $30, we call these zingers or bonus items!

This is where you will start seeing massive savings!

#4 put it all together

when you out everything together in your cart, check out those savings!!!! My most favorite part of checking out while shopping is getting my receipt and looking at how much money I saved!!!!

Doesn’t this look like the most fun shopping experience ever?

We offer shopping events for our friends/family to join to share this unbelievable experience with them and then guess what…. because you invited friends and family you get a free shopping spree! Most of my ambassadors get a $400 shopping spree!!!!!

Contact me to get your shopping experience set up today!!!!

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