Waist-Up dressing… not going anywhere!

2020 when the world halted, people were sent home to hunker down, people in masses went home to work and figure out a new way…


2020 when the world halted, people were sent home to hunker down, people in masses went home to work and figure out a new way to go to work! We began seeing a rise in Zoom, Skype, Teams meetings many of which had video capabilities this was especially helpful to make it feel like everyone was in the room!

Now almost 2 years later and we are still opting for virtual meetings. I went back to work last March/April and there is not a week that goes by I am not in a virtual meeting many have videos some are just audio.

Just talking about meetings lets not forget about the new way to see our doctors…Telemedicine which is done through HIPAA compliant apps like Doximity and Amwell and features real-time face to face time video capabilities!

Our lives have definitely changed, I wouldn’t say that is such a bad thing but since the introduction of virtual meetings and appointments these are not going anywhere anytime soon so lets get our closets ready!

Is it appropriate?

  • To just wear Pajamas since I am working from my home… why couldn’t I just roll out of bed and go to work?
    • I personally wouldn’t personally choose to wear pajamas…pajamas are meant to be worn to bed
    • If you are looking for a comfort level that Pajamas offer try joggers, sweat pants, or leggings
    • You would need to check with your employer, dress codes vary and even though you are working from home your dress code may still apply.
  • Did you know that productivity is linked to dress?
    • I have personally found, it could even be a scientifically proven fact, that getting ready and putting yourself together full with outfit, jewelry, makeup you will be more productive

Virtual Meeting Appropriate Attire


Make sure the makeup is simple, not over the top, remember that you are maybe going to be on camera think about TV news makeup, if it is overdone it can be very distracting but if it is simple it can be very attractive. Try to use neutral colors


  • Earrings- Sparkly studs, dangles, or hoops are all appropriate, keep the hoops a professional size.
  • Necklaces- Simple or layered dainty necklaces are great keep in mind that shorter necklaces are better so that they can be seen in the frame , in case of a virtual meeting!
  • Bracelets- you can wear as many bracelets as you want, these will be for you as you will be the only one seeing them


  • Tops- lighter colors are best, try to stay away from busy tops, prints are okay but simple prints (think about how it will look on camera, you can turn your camera on and look at how the top looks)
    • V-necks
    • Crew necks
    • button up
  • Bottoms- doesn’t really matter, unless you stand up during a meeting, always make sure to have pants on and make sure you are appropriate but it doesn’t have to match the top(although it would drive me crazy so I match)
    • also while I was working from home I would suddenly get called into the office and if I was already ready it was a simple transition from home to office

The most important part

To have fun and not sacrifice your style just because you are working from home!

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