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Everyone knows what a notebook is and everyone knows what a planner is. What happens if we combine the 2 into a productivity and organizational…


Everyone knows what a notebook is and everyone knows what a planner is. What happens if we combine the 2 into a productivity and organizational beat friend?

I have been obsessed with notebooks since I was a little girl, I have loved planning since before it was the cool thing to do. Did you have an agenda in school? I did, I loved it, it was an assignment to fill it out everyday, the perfect assignment!!!

As I said I have been planning since before it was cool, years I have been planning and I think I have tried them all; spiral, discbound, binder, digital, DIY (even made my own) I struggled finding the perfect planner. Does the perfect planner exist? Good question, I think it does but I think it is different for everybody.

Planners must fit individuals needs

Just like everyone is unique planners should be unique too! Not everyone runs multiple businesses, goes to school, works in corporate America, has a direct sales business, is involved in church ministry, has children, are married, retired…. the list goes on and on

So how could we expect one planner to fit all of our needs… it isnt possible!

The Problem

A Little personal story about my planners: I would buy planners from the store, I would plan in them for awhile (never more than 4 months) because none of the planners would ever accommodate everything I needed to plan… school, work, home, church, business, side Hustle, blog, Financials.

It would get frustrating for sure and then I would lay the planner to the side and try a different planner and end up doing the same thing 3 months later.

It was beginning to look I would never find the perfect planner for me… until

I started designing my own planner inserts and printing my own planner out monthly

Redefine your Plans opened last July selling my digital downloads, the very same ones I was using and having tremendous success with actually using them.

The Size- The size of my planner has always been an issue to small and I couldn’t write all of what I needed to write too big and it wasn’t feasible to carry with me everyday. I have tried pocket size, personal size, wallet size, half letter. Full letter, A5 and more. I find that I am more drawn to thr half letter, it will fit in my work bag with ease and it is large enough I can write a lot.

Time- planning monthly I am spending a great deal of time printing, trimming and punching pages for my planner.

The Solution

Quarter planner- 3 months is a lot but not too much and it is seasonal so everything that happens in that season would be in thr planner.

half-letter size- easily portable

business in one, home in one, church in one, work in one, they are small enough to carry all of them at once(all together about the same size as 1 planner) or you can carry only what you need.

Notebook- filling the planner with mainly notebook pages makes the book much more manageable and when it feels like a notebook it will get used more than if it feels like a planner.


I have been in thr direct sales space for most of my adult life… more seriously for 10 years. I have always run my business from a notebook mainly spiral but sometimes a binder. From sales trackers to product notes, team info to ahow/event info everything I needed to run my business was inside of my notebook!

I started this blog 9 years ago and have run it from a notebook as well

I have a notebook for every aspect of my life all that was missing was planning.

For over a year know I have been designing planner pages and selling them as digital downloads on ETSY(this is continuing by the way the downloads aren’t going anywhere)

I thought what if I printed some of mynplanning pages, combined them with lined notepages and put a cover on and spiral bound it… would thet be something that I would use?

the answer is yes and then I thought what if someone else could use it too? So here we are

Introducing the planner notebook

It isn’t your average notebook or your typical planner!

Planner Defined- A datebook that has a calendar, a place for notes, trackers and other things you need(contacts, passwords, important dates…)

Notebook Defined- a book with lined pages to record notes, lists, journal, and more!

Often times I had my planner and a notebook or two, I would use both together in tandem and now since creating the notebook planner I have everything inside one book!!! So nice, I mean I still have multiple books, yiu have to have a notebook stack, right?

Are you ready to Redefine your plans?

To Redefine means to do things differently! That is exactly what The Notebook Planner is… Different, fun, creative and functional!!!

What is different?

Yes, you can go to pretty much any store Walmart, Target, Office supply store, ETSY and you can find a planner, you can find all kinds of planners. So What is different about this planner?

I am so glad you asked!!!! This planner is

  • 100%handmade (at this point in my home studio)
  • Each book is customizable to fit your unique planning needs
  • Each book is made to order
  • Notebook style gives the look and feel of a traditional notebook with the benefits of a planner!
  • Qrt plans- 4 seasons, 4 changes, 4 planners right now I love quarterly planning and I wanted to share with thr world how awesome it is!!!! So we offer a qrt planner you can buy separate or all 4 for a bundle deal
  • Coming soon… I realize people like to plan using the whole year so coming soon I will have an option “want it all” a planner with everything… I do encourage you to at least try a qrt planner 4th qtr is coming soon.
  • Size is small enough to carry everywhere yet big enough to document all the things!

check out the Notebook Planner here!

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