Where in the world have I been? Most of you all probably think I have dropped off the face of the earth, I am here…


Where in the world have I been? Most of you all probably think I have dropped off the face of the earth, I am here I am back and better than ever!!!

So in March my family took a trip to Arlington cemetery to bury my uncle then in April I began my adventure in Grad school studying Masters in Public Health, June we had a staycation and I began preparing for my newest certification attempt(more on that a little later).  July and August were crazy with my day job as a full time college instructor! September is my family vacation to Florida this time we went to Key West(which was a fun adventure(; ) October is my families annual applebutter extravaganza yes it is a National Holiday as far as we are concerned! November brought a lot of studying as I took 2 courses at one time for the first time since beginning school and studying to take my CPMA exam on November 19th! We are pretty much caught up now 🙂

So  a little more about that exam!  Yes I have 2 certifications already(CPC-Certified Professional Coder, CPC-I- Certified Professional Coding instructor) but I want more so I began to study for the CPMA- Certified Professional Medical Auditor exam. November 19th it was a cold rainy stormy morning I took off a littel before 7AM to travel the 60 minutes to the test site. I parked my car, my mom graciously came with me so I would not be a lone! We made the what seemed like mile long trek into the test site, got soaked by the rain, once inside we both settled down, she out in the lobby getting her Christmas cards done, while I inside the testing room, the test was scheduled to begin at 8:30 and 25 minutes after the power goes out(a gasp across the room and then we sat in the dark for what seemed like forever then the power came back on, whhheeewww).  I began my test and 4 hours and 15 minutes later turned my test in, now came the torturous part of waiting 7-10 business days for my results. I checked everyday for the results to be posted online and then on Thanksgiving afternoon, I checked again and there it was in big letters CONGRATULATIONS YOU PASSED YOU ARE NOW A CPMA!!!! I screamed and couldn’t hardly contain myself I had worked so hard for this and yippeee I passed!  Now on to study for my next exam early in 2017.

As you can see life kind of got in the way but nothing negative everything was positive events (well except for the funeral but at least we got to have it, we had to wait well over one year for it to take place)

I was ready to step back into Ruby Ribbon, only one problem… No one else was ready for me. What do I do, so I contemplated going inactive and just letting it all go, I couldn’t bring myself to actually doing it so I made a pros and cons list of being a stylist and couldn’t come up with one item to put on the con column.  I decided I was the first stylist in WV I am going to be the last stylist in WV I will be a RR stylist until there is no more RR (I hope that is never)

There is a big huge trend/fad happening right now in women’s attire, leggings to be more exact I wont say a name but man has it impacted my business, I am not letting it anymore I know that Ruby Ribbon is the BEST leggings, the BEST shapewear and the BEST shaping essentials on the market! You wont find anything like RR anywhere

Shapewear is an 18 billion dollar market and we have a big niche with our exclusive shapewear! Ruby Ribbon is going places and I am going with them<3

So when all the fads/trends are over Ruby Ribbon will still be going strong, mark my word

Do you want to get in on something special like Ruby Ribbon? Let me know you can be the next Royal on my team!

Do you know someone who would make a perfect stylist refer her to my website and give her my contact information– I am working on spreading the joy and love of Ruby Ribbon in WV and across the USA!!!

Want to schedule your own personal one-on- one styling  consultation, Cami fitting, or trunk sow contact me today!!!



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